Combat soul cap

At launch the combat soul cap was 40, not counting armor or difficulty bonus. For a while it went up to 50, and then it went back to 40 again. Now that more souls are needed to level troops higher, could we possibly reconsider moving the cap back to 50?

Failing that, how about a “double souls” weekend? We did that once, it was almost a year ago now. I only need about 1M souls to finish levelling up all my guys.

I moved this to feature request section for you, hope you don’t mind :slightly_smiling:

By wearing dragon armour and putting the game on hard i hit a cap of 70 souls.

It’s still capped at 40, those extra 30 you are awarded after the batlle from uses armor and diff provides. But yeah you can get more then 40 with bonuses.

I’ve personally found the game is perfectly balanced and fine in terms of farming for souls in my opinion. Granted I’m using celestial armor with VIP 10 and a valkyrie team so on hard I can bang ou 3-6 battles every 15 minutes and get 75-130 souls per battle. I think there’s an issue when it feels fine with vip bonus only.