Grinding caps -

I’m hoping that the caps for souls/good have been removed or increased since this update. Any feedback? Any one get valks skill yet? Know how it affects Soul grinding?

Well, they will always have to keep some form of limit on it, but the limits really do need to be increased to something like 500 gold and 100 souls with limit still booster by percent increases.

I have yet to try the current cap.

I think its been lowered even more. I only got 80 souls with celestial armour, should have had hundreds.

Tested out with Valk, it remained the same = 40 with no bonus.

Do the 50% soul bonus from troops or the 25% gold one increase the limit? If so, does it stack?

No, I also use Valkyrie with her necromancy trait and the soul cap is blocked to 40 souls (without bonus), like already said DonBoba.
I plan to use Keeper with his necromancy trait but apparently he’s not needed anymore…
Didn’t test but I think will be the same for gold cap…

Some news.
The VIP bonus is added so with dragon armor and +25% bonus my max soul cap is 70.
It’s very strange without casting Valkyrie I obtained 70 souls… But if I play another team without Valkyrie I gain 7 souls…
EDIT: I think devs patch it. Now, I get the normal amount and not always 70.