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Valkyrie soul nerf

Valkyrie soul nerf?

Hey guys I recently noticed that when playing my valkyrie soul team in pvp I can’t seem to get more than 104 total souls. I have dragon armor, level 7 vip and I’m playing on warlord III. just last week when I was playing pvp I was getting 130+ souls. Has valkyrie been nerf fed in the last few days? I searched for some time trying to find out and I can’t seem to find any info about this.

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Valkyrie has not been nerfed, but maybe you aren’t getting enough of her spellcasts off before you win.

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@Migillicutty Were you playing in PvP or other battles? Difficulty bonuses do not work in PvP.

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Resident ass’s are my favorite kind of posters!! :slight_smile: so I tested it on an 8, 6, and 4 cast run in different battles and I get the same static 104 in pvp. I have also tested it in challenge mode and my last one was a 144 souls on an 8 cast run with valkyrie. Makes me wonder if the devs made a change in pvp over the weekend. I hate missing out on souls when I’m farming for them. Ya know?

You are on Console I assume?

Sup Tacet, first of all thanks for the reply. Secondly, thanks for your huge contribution to this community. I have watched several of your vids and I’m a sub. And to answer your question it is in pvp where I am noticing the limit of 104 on the souls I am receiving after the fight.

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No I play mobile and pc. The only way to play anything IMHO!!

Hmmm, then I am out of ideas. There is a Console bug that would explain that.

Lol. THanks for the reply.

I think Tacet answered my question. I was unaware that my bonuses didn’t carry over to pvp. I could have sworn that I was getting more souls in pvp but I guess not.

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Thanks for responding so quickly and for trying to help out.


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