I seem to be earning souls inconsistently

Hey all. First time poster here.

I’ve noticed that I seem to be earning an inconsistent amount of souls after each battle despite using the same team, same armor, same difficulty, and hitting my soul cap during the match. For example, I will play one match and hit my soul cap and receive 192 souls (80 soul cap x 240% bonus.) I’ll then play another match using the exact same team, same armor, on the same difficulty, hit my soul cap at 80, and I’ll earn 175 souls on the victory screen (or 101, 92, 154, etc.) The souls earned on the victory screen seem to vary greatly for reasons I can’t figure. Has anyone else notice this happening to them? Is this a known issue, or am I missing something?

While I don’t have a perfect answer for you, I can help shed some light on things that may be affecting you.

If you truly hit the soul cap each battle (I know I don’t, as sometimes things all die before I get my second or third Dragon Soul cast off), then you may be affected by either the mode you are playing. Ranked PvP doesn’t give you difficulty bonus to gold and souls. Also, if you are doing challenges, those reward souls at the end and give more souls the farther you repeat the challenge.

Maybe this will help explain some things. But I will admit that your inconsistency is odd.

Those were both things I took into consideration, I just forgot to mention them. The bonus souls from challenges show up separately after the ones you are shown receiving from the actual battle, and I don’t really pay attention to souls in PvP.

I spent part of the morning just farming Divion Fields Challenge 1 at 5 stars. I made sure to not change my team, armor, or difficulty. I was playing on warlord 1 with an 80 soul cap and a constant 265% soul bonus. I made certain to generate the full 80 souls during each battle. After recording about thirty battles I found an obvious trend. About 60% of the time I would receive the full 212 souls I should get. 10% of the time I ended up with 193 souls, and 30% of the time I received 159 souls. I only ever received one of those three amounts. It has me wondering if the game is somehow not remembering one or two Valkyrie casts, but still showing the souls gained on the cap counter. Maybe doing two casts in one turn or two casts at the very end of the battle is causing the numbers to get a bit screwy?

I was running a fully trained team of warlock, warlock, valkyrie, queen mab.

I suppose I’ll just ask support and see what they have to say. I just wanted to know if anyone else was noticing this happening to them?