Optimal difficulty for soul farming


Despite the soul bonus increasing by 25% for each higher difficulty, the soul cap remains the same at 40. Therefore, the maximum amount souls you can get only increases by 10 for each difficulty level.

Max souls per match using Celestial Armor:

  • Normal: 80
  • Hard: 90
  • Warlord I: 100
  • Warlord II: 110
  • Warlord III: 120
  • Warlord IV: 130

Monster stats per difficulty:

  • Normal: +0%
  • Hard: +0%
  • Warlord I: +25%
  • Warlord II: +50%
  • Warlord III: +100%
  • Warlord IV: +200%

The two best options are Hard and Warlord II. Hard is a good option since the monster stats do not increase for an extra 10 souls. Warlord II is even better, since monster stats only increase 50% for 30 extra souls. Warlord I being a good middle ground between the two. The stats on Warlord III and Warlord IV currently seem too high to be worth the 10 extra souls each.

For Arena, switching to Warlord IV and Celestial armor right before clicking on reward grants 1300 souls, which means the reward is affected by difficulty. I have not tried playing Arena matches on any higher difficulty, so I am not sure if that effects the rewards.

For doing challenges on newly unlocked kingdoms, I like to start off with Warlord IV and slowly scale back the difficulty for each star in the challenge. By the time I reach the last star, the difficulty is back on Warlord II to face the lvl15 enemies. Note that the challenge bonus is affected by the difficulty, so do the highest you can on the final star. I had no trouble beating the legendary in the final challenge for Wild Plains on Warlord II.

Farming challenges or PVP isn’t going to match Arena, even on Warlord IV. But If you decide to anyways, I would stick to Warlord II or lower. The time it takes to get through Warlord III and Warlord IV is not worth the 10 extra souls they provide.

My go to Soul Farm team is:

  1. Venoxia (Dark Song, Boar Rider, and Siren are good alternatives)
  2. Griffon Knight
  3. Griffon Knight
  4. Valkyrie

Holy Banner for +2 Yellow.

Here is a Soul Farm guide for more info:

Necro Valkyrie :Imp:

I thought about this strategy: Warlord IV with Valkyrie (x3) and Prismatic Orb.

Since you keep everything earned even when defeated, maybe you can amass many souls before killed.

What do you think about that?


That’s only worth it if you can amass enough to pass the cap of the previous difficulty setting… else you may as well play the lower setting, with less duress…

Also - that feels dull as hell to play :mask: if you ask me - but then I have souls coming out of my ears, so probably lost touch with the need to farm them…


I got a 1300 soul base reward for completing Arena. Not to mention 6 souls per match, 40 souls for 1 gem, and 40+ souls from 2 keys on top of that. To beat 1428+ souls from 8 matches in Arena, you would have to play 11 matches on Warlord IV in the same time.

If the enemy has 10 base attack, their attack on Warlord IV would be 30. It would take them 5 skull matches to wipe your team. You only need 8 casts from Valkyrie before that happens to max out at 130 souls. I believe it is plausible that you can get more souls from intentionally losing challenges.

However, Arena is going to be less frustrating, and net you other awards such as gold and glory.


@Jainus and @utfanx2 thanks for your thoughts.

@Jainus gimme some of these :smiley:

@utfanx2 I played the arena last month almost daily but now I need a break from it. I am merely looking for alternatives. FYI, I’m farming the first Khaziel Challenge (Mining) as all enemies there have a base attack of 6, which turns to 18 on Warlord IV.


I don’t like the miners, since they always destroy a skull that I need for them to match. I tried to find a challenge that could end quickly. Unfortunately, none of the enemies had 30 attack. The highest I saw was Ogre at 27, which wasn’t enough to one hit Valkyrie. My first instinct was to try facing a skull generating enemy such as Sheggra, Keeper of Souls, and Skeleton. Next, I will try to find some attack boost enemies.


what about the wall challenge in broken spires. its a wall and 3x stone giants.


Bumping this to see if anyone else has a favorite build/challenge to farm on a higher difficulty setting…


Before when I needed to soul farm, kzintiwife, that was the exact challenge in broken spires where the stonewall is that I played over and over again to farm souls. It is very easy to do as long as you don’t attack the stone wall until you get your 80 souls. The only problem was it would get boring if you played 10 games in that challenge in a row, of which I did a lot.
I just used Brian the lucky to increase the quantity of souls and amount of gems from either celestasia or jarl (before they were altered).


I actually prefer Fortress Siege over Stone Wall. Too many Stone Giants doing damage on Wall, while on Fortress you have Ogre and Ettin sapping away the Stone Giant’s blue mana.


with the newer harder levels, i check new troop combos on the wall… but i found that for soul farming - arena is still the way to go… do it on normal - swap to the celestial and hardcore iv and then do the rewards. 1300 souls and over 3500 gold.