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How to farm for souls now? (Console 1.8)

Since the new update nerfed the arena souls awards down to 200 is there any way to really farm for souls? they take so long to grind up as it is so i don’t see why the arena nerf was needed.

I used this Team before the Update and it worked well, now I dare say it works even better;

Lance Knight (with Knight Bond & Water Link)
Valkyrie (with Divine Bond & Necromancy)
Brian the Lucky (with Knight Bond)
with Adana’s banner

You only really need Valkyrie’s Necromancy for the Soul Bonus. I just re-fight the first challenge in Divinion Fields.

Also, play on the hardest difficulty you can without causing a loss to maximize Soul Bonus.

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i was using serpant, alchemist, valk, and then a purple card. cant remember. in pc when tryi got able to do maps and i love maps, ive been running a green shaman, valk, tyri, and webspinner though green slime or treant are viable options.


I forgot about Tyri now giving Maps, might try and work her into my Team.

Hi, how does tyri give maps ?

Her Spell has a 20% chance to give you one when you cast it.

I have four level 7 cities, all the rest at level 10 so this works really well for me.

Collect my free hourly loot, hope I get lots of multiple kingdom donations.
Set an alarm for one hour.
Watch TV lol
Donate 100 gold to guild to spawn free loot.

I probably average close to 100 souls an hour, along with a few keys, gems, and glory.