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Reward System for consecutive wins

Wondered if a reward system for consecutive milestone wins in PVP would help fight speed hacks, bots and key-mashing-who-cares-if-I-lose-as-long-as-I’m-fast PVP leaders.
I believe this could instil fun back into PVP, making it rewarding again for taking the time to enjoy a match against someone’s defence.
In the beginning it doesn’t have to be anything special, leaving it as a single gold key for five or ten wins so that the rewards aren’t obtained by hackers. Boosting the reward at 25/50/100 wins (for whatever amount or items), would ensure that the rewards are given only to those with a brain willing to use.

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The problem with this is the benefit will not be worth the angst of players who lose their streak due to the game crashing or a massive early RNG cascade for the AI.

Hackers/botters should be identified and banned.


So… if a botter gets consecutive wins he will get even more rewards? :confused:

The system is working as intended in the sense that we ALL lose few points for a defeat, even if it’s a proposital retreat. It’s argueable, and i’m not up to a huge debate right now, if people should be further penalized by losing while on the offensive…

Not at all, if a troop is unbalanced, or worse bugged, abusing it in order to get easy wins would also exploit even more the pvp rewards.

Losing due to bad luck, game bugs or crashing will occur regardless. But even taking these into consideration, no player should ever drop below a 95% win rate.
Before the PVP leaderboards, people would proudly speak on their win ratio. One look at the top 100 players, (excluding only a handful, ie @Namour, @Fifthelement, etc), shows that the pride in winning consecutively has been run over by a monster-key-mash-truck.


I couldn’t disagree any greater. This will be my last post in this for others to discuss ‘consecutive wins’

People bragged about their win rates before the game tracked them and put them on display. Now it’s harder to lie.

Personally I don’t have any nostalgic attachment to the purported value of a win streak. If people care, the game tracks it for them, and they can set personal goals. They can even take screenies of their win streak and post them here if they want to brag. Why does that metric need to also be reflected in the PvP score?


I’m sorry, I guess I did have to post again :no_mouth:

The idea is not requesting any change to a PVP score or ladder position. It is about personal reward incentives for those that play the game at their own personal pace.

Those that wish to continue gaining rewards (from monotonous win-or-lose grinding) from an end of week position may continue to do so as they please, it won’t affect them one bit.

I’d like to see a system that saw a cumulative penalty for each loss in an event week. I.e. 1 point for first loss, 2 points for second loss etc

This would have no major impact for people losing up to 20-30 battles, but might to start to impact those people losing hundreds…and certainly the people who retreat as a speed strategy.

Issue with this method is for some of the players who do 1,000+ battles but still have a very good win-rate, they might be unfairly penalised.

Why not have have bonus points for consecutive wins just like the star system we had before the pvp update. I am aware that that means the elites would probably gain the biggest benefits with their 100-0 win streaks but hey it is available after x win.

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i think if at all this could be added only as a ‘one time’ kind of reward for reaching certain ‘achievement’ level. then nobody would feel bad for loosing win streak coz can simply try again and some day get it. if it was rewarding each time you reach it again and again i would personally feel very frstrated about it just realising “how many rewards i am missing” every time i possibly loose. and the bots would certainly still benefit from it

oh or the bonus stats are fine too :slight_smile:

Now it’s also more difficult to get a win streak to begin with. Before, it was possible to alt+f4 out of the game before you lost the battle, and it didn’t break your win-streak or count it as a loss. How do you think people who have 3-4k “win streak” in their pvp stats got there? :wink: hint: it was tracking the win streak even before the patch that displayed it in your stats. So the day stats went “live”, people already had the thoudands-battles-without-a-loss streaks.

I’m not saying it’s impossible to pump a win-streak nowadays, but it’d take careful playing, team juggling and once in a while skipping a risky opponent, rather than going full throttle vs 3-trophy opponents.

I regularly drop the “streak” anywhere between 100-250 wins hah, but admittedly I skip all of the manticore teams since I consider fighting those a waste of time (so yes, recently I skip more of the 3-trophy battles than I’d like to). Apart from that I don’t discriminate, I just use one of the 3 teams depending on what I need right then. I find it fun to try and keep going without a loss, it’s something that - for me at least - helps a bit with the boredom factor of grinding pvp. I don’t care about it enough to do only 1 trophy fights though heh (and I think many ppl would switch to those exclusively, if the “consecutive wins” rewards would be worth it).

Hmmmmm I don’t think we need any extra rewards for those that play the most… they get the most rewards anyway… so I don’t see this suggestion adding much, and think the devs have better things to do with their time…


Excellent post…

I agree that the developers have a lot of better things to do than listen to feature requests from the likes of me :slight_smile: certainly am no presence to be thought of anything other than a consumer and forum member.

I can also agree with you that those receiving the most rewards through constant gaming shouldn’t receive anything greater. However, one look at those playing the most, will show they certainly aren’t getting constant win streaks, there really isn’t much here for them in this scenario.

There must be more people who are in my sort of lifestyle; a stay at home Dad that works during the night, I don’t really have a lot of ‘me’ time. But when I do, I like to eventually sit down and enjoy things like our GoW. I can’t be pulling numbers that some can, would I really want to if I could? It’s quite doubtful, I’m a little fickle.

It was only after hitting a milestone number that the idea came to me, that there must be others out there that play to ‘play’, not to grind. Wondered if there could be an incentive to this way of gaming, away from numbers seen in leaderboards.


This is also an excellent post.


Another idea that I’ve aired before, which I think would be great for putting variety and thinking back into PvP, is to have weekly (or daily) themed events and changes, such as (for example):

  • bonuses for using certain troops, or troops from certain kingdoms (bonuses to in-game stats, or to winnings, or both)
  • greater bonuses for using certain combinations of two or more troops
  • global increases or penalties to stats or damage or mana gathered to all troops of a certain colour
  • further (more varied) effects themed with the kingdom of the week

For example: Forest Of Thorns Week, so in all pvp matches, at all times:

  • all Forest Of Thorns troops gain +25% to all stats
  • all Elves and Fey gain an extra +10% to all stats
  • any green gem match has a 25% chance to entangle the first enemy
  • mana gathered from red gem matches is reduced by 1 point
  • if your home kingdom is Forest Of Thorns, you gain +25% to all gold/exp/soul rewards after battle

Within that week, we could have Tuesday is Rowanne Day, so:

  • Rowanne gains +50% to her Armour stat
  • if she is in your team, you gain +1 bonus glory reward after battle

Meanwhile, Thursday is Gloom Leaf Day, so:

  • Gloom Leaf gains a 50% reduction in skull damage suffered (Thorns trait damage is unchanged)
  • if you match purple gems, he/it gains +1 to all stats
  • if he/it is in your team, you gain +1 bonus glory reward after battle

…and so on… I guess that’s a whole lotta work for the devs… but regular weekly shifts like that would mix up the pvp situation…

Hey @Sirrian @Nimhain, any chance we will see events like that one day…

Anyone else? like it? hate it? any more (or better) ideas?


Definitely would be neat to see an expansion on the previous themed event weeks. Only problem with this take is that people who don’t have the troop/s in question get shafted. Possibly buff event chests to compensate but it still leaves <50 players out in the cold… Its not as bad for (in the example) Rowanne because you can unlock her via the story quests, but forget about Gloom. The trick with the previous ones was that it was based on a troop we could all purchase that week.

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Maybe… do they play much pvp anyway? (been so long since I was there… but I’m sure I mostly did quests and challenges back then)…

… I know I definitely didn’t do PVP at that stage. Its still a big ask to have a specific legendary though, I think I had four at lvl100 (and two were Goblin Kings). While being in a then-top-10 guild or something.

Love the ideas. Events such as these seemed to have come and gone

I thought that this and the one using the Runesmith were quite refreshing. Even just to have these back for the troops of the week would bring about some lost enjoyment to the game.

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