Help me understand the new pvp

In the old Pvp it seemed clear, 2 points to advance the first 5 ranks, 1 point per win, extra point for consecutive wins. Then after that 3 points to advance and so on. Very simple.

It is not clear to me how the new system works. Today I decided to pay closer attention and chose the hardest opponent, i won, then did the same and won again. I advanced 1 rank. Then I played the hardest again and won and did not advance.

My question is, is there a bonus for consecutive wins in 2.0? Do you rank faster by defeating harder opponents, or is it just by victories, meaning a quicker advance to rank 1 and the rewards by zipping through the easy opponents?

Thanks. I’m sure it’s an obvious answer but it has eluded me.

No bonus for consecutive wins.
You rank faster when defeating harder opponents.

You start at 500-600 PvP points (didn’t pay attention, but it’s close to 600)
You get PvP points by winning fights, and loose some when loosing.
This also applies to defense loss your AI does (though it’s a bit bugged at the moment)

Every 100 points, you climb a tier (it’s not called a rank anymore, but it’s basically the same).
lower tier (15) is below 600 points.
Higher tier (1) is above 1900 points

You earn more points for harder battle (the points you should get if you win, or loose if you’re defeated are written on the bottom-right corner of the opponent, on the screen where you can select one in three opponents).

If you are interested in “competitive” play (no-lifing on GoW basically), you can try to climb the ranks (not tiers), wich is litterally a ranking of players by PvP points.

There are rewards for every player based on their rank, but better rewards for the top ranks (going from 500 gold & 50 souls to 25,000 gold, 2,500 souls, 50 gems and 11 arcanes of the color of the kingdom holding the event.

You don’t get any better rewards for consecutive wins.