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How do you rank up Point in Pvp?

Got a question maybe someone can help. How does someone build up so quickly in pvp? Day one I was in pvp all day and I barley made Five thousand points and see some people made twice that much before anyone ask what team I am use I have a divine team which get through the match pretty quickly.

Ok you need to unlock all your kingdoms to 10 use gold to level them up, then do the quest for each one to unlock the troops, trust me i here level 1201 been here a year and 7 months, each kingdom has there own mythic thats what you unlock after the kingdom quest are done and when you unlock a kingdom you automatically have them all unlocked to get with keys, your hero gets the bonus too. So in short unlock kingdoms collect there troops use extra troops of the same kind to bring them from common to mythic some troops are better then others, use souls you can get from doing kingdom challenges, and explore, to level troops to 20 increasing there attack magic armor and life, then you notice on your team the strengeth number like 10,300 or 6000 on your team thats kingdom strength not power. I use divine team too my hero Kratas The Bull Infernus and Divive Dragon that heals and cleanses all troops. I hope this helps you out and good luck in pvp. Pro Tip start on the 1 trophies first to get a feel of battle in non ranked pvp first there are 3 difficulties easy fare left medium middle hard fare right go for opponents that are easy test your teams if you lose you won’t lose much trophies.

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You’ll get more or less points depending on the position of the fight
10-20 points (first fight)
21-40 points (2nd fight)
41-60 points (last fight)
To maximize points gained, mostly pick the last fight. Note: this is based off my personal experience with pvp tier points, and it may be inaccurate.

Edit: Also, ThaSneakyNinja has great advice, and should be done as you are doing your pvp fights.

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The tiers are your rank you get points from winning fights you check this in PVP stats just keep fight hard teams with +3 trophies and at the end of the week you get your rewards.

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