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2.0 PvP Modification Suggestion

So, 2.0 is live. Bugs exist and the devs are exterminating as we speak. People stayed up late to play and tempers flared when expectations were not met and/or exceeded. I was one of those people. I logged in late, played too long, read forums, got frustrated, but held my tongue.

I woke this morning read MORE forums and gave this a lot of thought before starting this thread, I apologize for the backstory, but I think it’s important to understand that I am approaching this calmly.

It is my understanding that under the new 2.0 we have TWO categories of PVP, Casual and Ranked. It was my understanding that Casual would provide you TIER bonuses which were similar to the old system, while Ranked would offer a more difficult challenge for players willing to attain higher RANKS.

What I believe is happening here is players are missing out on the feeling of accomplishment that comes with playing GoW. At the moment, based on my experience, I have played and played and have yet to break through TIER 14. I checked the Casual screen and unless I am missing something the Casual PvP does not award ANY PvP points.So the ONLY way to achieve any rewards is to play Ranked matches. Effectively rendering Casual an obsolete mode before its out of the gate.

So, lets turn our attention to the Ranked system. At the moment, I might gain an odd number of points if I pull out a win, fine. But I KNOW I will lose points for my defense losses. So, despite the matches I have played because I have to deal with life and work and sleep, I am still only at 600 points. I have broken that 14 threshold about 6 times. If the TIER rewards are supposed to be akin to the old system and the RANKED rewards are for the players able to commit to a truly competitive, time-consuming PvP, then here is my suggestion.

TIER Rewards are granted solely on PvP points earned, and PvP points lost do not factor into the equation. This will allow casual players to be rewarded for their time spent in game and attain those rewards we have come to expect. It will also give us the feeling of accomplishment that is currently a gaping void in the heart of GoW.

RANKED rewards function as is. It is your real time PvP ability, defense team and invade team. How good of a GoW player are you?

I really think that this will solve nearly ALL of the issues I am seeing in this forum from devoted players who are currently extremely frustrated. I hope that this post is read with the care I gave it. I want nothing more than to see GoW great. I hope this helps!

Much love to the devs and community!

Keep Hunting… this is not the end… :wink:


Thank you for this well thought out post. I couldn’t agree more. Also, I think it is a really bad idea to have defense battles deduct points from your PVP score. I shouldn’t be penalized for a match that I’m not actually playing.


I agree. I hate feeling like every minute away from the game is pushing me further from my goals. I have commitments that prevent me from being competitive in ranked play – I get that – but I absolutely hate the feeling of going backwards.


To be honest I feel that the general idea of the PVP points should be that you should be moving upwards overall until you start getting close to the top, at which point it levels out, and even closer to number 1 a loss is a lot more punishing.

However, looking at the Tier system, one possible fix would be to rather base it off your CURRENT PVP points, make it based off your PVP points gained during the week. Say you start at 500. So if you get +28, then that’s +28 towards your Tier rewards, and your Rank PVP points are at 528. If you then lose a match and lose 15 points, your Rank points drop to 513, but your Tier rewards amount stays at 28.

Now this doesn’t address the issue that you can only gain PVP points in Ranked, but I feel that it might at least alleviate the uphill battle for Tier rewards that people are currently feeling.


@Ashasekayi Thank you. And though I agree, there IS a place for defense loss in a true competitive PvP, where your ability to field a high quality defense team should be considered. But ONLY in RANKED PvP.

@Lyya Agree Completely!!

@Ozball exactly what I am saying. Tier then still unlocks like the old system, but Ranked is a much higher mountain to climb.


… Apologies, I must be tired. I swear I read through your post and didn’t see that idea ><

A nicely thought out post btw, nice to see thoughtful consideration to the problem.


@Ozball No Worries! And thanks for the love!

I know you would be showering me with likes… if you had any left! :wink:


Punishing players for offline losses is never a good idea and every game I’ve ever played that has implemented such a system has rolled it back after much user outrage. This should have been an easy “no” for the devs when this idea came up.

On a larger note, I have to say I’m very disappointed that GoW has once again implemented a poorly thought out system that completely overlooks a large part of their player base (anything other than the truly hardcore). My wife and I have spent over $100 each on this game which I only mention to emphasize the point that we aren’t what most people would term casual plays (we’ve been playing since the beginning and at one point had a top 10 guild) and we’d love to spend more but have felt like this game is heading in the wrong direction for quite some time now. This ranked fiasco is just further proof of the devs losing site of what brought people to their game in the first place. The most aggravating thing is how much potential this game has if the devs would just get out of their own way.


Could you please describe what your ideal scenario/direction for the game? I am interested to hear how it differs.

@ogunther I agree with a lot of this. I too started in the very beginning. And then took a long hiatus due to life and frankly, I had accomplished all I wanted. I disenchanted all my troops down to 4, wish I hadnt done that! (This was all before asenscion even existed!)

But when I came back, early this year. I was pleasantly surprised by the love and care the devs had given this game. Rather than letting it stagnate they kept breathing new life. I understand your frustration. I too would like to spend more money, but don’t feel like the purchases are right for me. A sentiment that is hard to express via forum post, but one that based on your comment I believe you understand completely.

That being said… don’t throw in the towel just yet. I believe the devs will pull through for us loyal, commited, casual players. And even though I will NEVER be a top tier Ranked PvP player, I do believe those players deserve that outlet as well. Let’s give the dev team time to sort it out before abandoning ship. :wink:


@efh313 Oh I’m not throwing in the towel; as much as these types of “improvements” frustrate me and negatively affect my enjoyment of the game, the core game is still the best out there and has been for two years. The foundation is solid, it’s all these additions they’ve tacked on that are the problem (that and the fact that guilds have been unloved for sooooo long; it’s really killed what should have been a cornerstone of the game).

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Talking about spending money, I was finally able to save enough to bump from VIP 4 to 5, but after last night, I’m hesitating! I literally have the money sitting in my pocket ready to go to target and get some cards, I wanted my own DK armor!

I trust the devs though and I know they do a great job listening to the community, but I think I’m going to let it just sit in my pocket a little while longer.

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Apparently both 2.1 and 2.2 are going to be guild centric patches :wink:


@Ozball Beat me to the Punch! :disappointed:

That jerk… :angry:



I agree wholeheartedly with this. Before finding GoW, I was playing a game in which just about every reward was rank-based. As someone with job, studies, family, etc., I couldn’t put in the time needed to get the better rewards. For some reason, games are getting to the point that players are penalized for doing anything other than play the game.

What I loved about GoW was that I wasn’t penalized for having a life. At the beginning of an event I could put in a lot of time up front on the PVP, get to rank (now tier) 1 and then do other things in the game when I played: story, challenges, etc… I loved that I could lose stars but not rank/tier, and that I could get revenge on those who defeated my defenders and keep working on my rank. The very valuable time I put in the game was not wasted due to what others did.

These were aspects of the game that made me love it. I loved Puzzle Quest and enjoyed finding that the successor was a game that would reward “casual” players (I still probably spend a lot more time playing than I should) as much as those who do nothing else.

Interesting that they took that away. Game companies seem to be forgetting one fundamental thing about reward systems: if effort stops producing a reward, effort stops. I left (and stopped putting money into) one game because getting the best rewards required me to compete (and consistently fail) against those with more time to spend. Entertainment should not feel like another job.


@Ozball Lol yeah I’ll believe that when I see it released. They’ve been promising guild love since 1.2 if memory serves; not that it was going to be in 1.2 but when they announced 1.2 (or there abouts) they were going to show guilds some love “within the next patch or two”.

“Tomorrow, tomorrow, I’ll patch you tomorrow. You’re only a day away!”

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“It’s a hard-knock life, for devs. It’s a hard-knock life for devs.
'Stead of praising, we get pissed! When we think a patch is missed.
It’s a hard-knock life!”


I think a lot of these are great ideas. Both my partner and myself gave the new PvP system a whirl and really didn’t like it. The ability to loose rank on defense losses, and the fact we aren’t locked into our teirs once we achieve them (unlike the star system before) makes this a much more unpleasant system in comparison to what we had before which was much more casual-friendly.

I understand the desire to make things a little more competitive at the high end, and the ranked rewards does that, but having that affect the teir system as well kind of kills the fun of PvP for us. And given we’ve completed all of the non-PvP quest/challenge content, there’s nothing much else to do.


@Raiyek Well said. The solution is a system that rewards hardcore players without penalizing casual players and vice versa (and everything inbetween). While that sounds complicated, it doesn’t have to be.

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