A question about pvp points

I am sitting currently with a 364 win and 78 loss record. On defense I am 108-147 and I currently have 17.5k pvp points.

Someone else has a record of 375-88 and on def 26-59 and has 23k pvp points.

I only fight tier 3 (3trophy fights) so how do I have that many less points?

I am level 1120 and they are 832 in case that matters.

I guess what I am asking is what factors contribute to the pvp points per battle that is making that much of a difference for an almost equal record?

Some color are worth more points, so if you use purple for example there is bonus for that - you check what day color for the bonus. Also, if your team Mythic, Mythic give you extra point because more powerful. Also, if you pay member like VIP you get the bonus too.

None of this has any bearing on PvP points won per battle.

@Pantenkind . It boils down to the fact that you’re in a top guild so you get less points per battle than some of the leaders who are in guilds without all the extra bonuses so their teams are “weaker”. Nothing you can do about it short of going guildless or joining a weaker one. It’s yet another thing about PvP that should be revamped eventually.


I think you completely missed what I was asking. You are referring to GW. I’m talking about points for the pvp overall rank.

Shiratori answered and that makes sense. Thank you.


Yes, but still PvP points for guild War., You seemed missed that. Oversight.

Your PvP score has no bearing on your GW score. Your GW score has no bearing on your PvP score.

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No brudda, I say again you get PvP point for doing the guild war. So makes sense.

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Yes you do. It is as if you faced them in a PvP match. But colors you use for the troops have no bearing on that PvP score.

This argument in relation to the OP’s question is a bit mysterious to me considering it is has been absolutely 100% impossible to do Guild Wars this week. But to each his own.


We’ve never gotten a good dev answer on how gold and points are computed in pvp match ups. End game players in top guilds get less points per match.

And less gold, despite having a higher multiplier.

Still confuses me how you can beat the paragon in guild wars and receive 15 pvp points


And the worst part is that you could be fighting the most difficult, frustrating and stressful GW battle of your Gems career to date… and still win only 15 xp points !!!


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I know this but why does your pvp rank increase when you win in guild wars? I I got three trophies for beating the paragon I’d expect far more than 15 battle points. Hopefully it’ll get a rework.

Yes, is mentioned in latest developer update

What does brudda mean?


Hope they fix it. Seems to unnecessarily punish more active players.

I am more curious because I don’t see very many people say Brudda around here…only this guy and another.

Who is the other?

You know the other one, one that’s not you :wink: