PVP: reason to fight after the Tier 1

Hi all,

I don’t fully understand what reason for fighting PVP after achieving Tier 1, except for retrieving more gold.

Please explain the profit of it?

Gold farming, trophies for the guild’s ranking and glory for chests/troops.


To get more trophies for your guild if your in one and resources?



There are also additional resources if you place in the top 1000, but the effort it takes to do so is generally cost-negative.

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Well, I rather meant is there some significant progress in resources amount after Tier 1 or it will be the same?

Yes, right. I am in the top 40k at the moment :smiley:

If you want to know what the resources for a higher placement are, they can be found in-game within the PVP menu under the “Stats” tab. Tier Rewards you already know—the “Ranked Rewards” is what you’ll want to check :wink:

It’s mostly ingots (way better to delve for those, except [arguably] in the case of epic ingots) and arcane traitstones (which are easier to farm in Explore, or buy for glory). There’s also a (tiny) amount of gold and some gems.


this is faster to levelling classes too


The reasons to grind PvP are:

  • It’s the fast, relatively brainless win that’s always available. No sigils, no scaling, no hijinks. For a lot of people it is the game.
  • Gold for LTs.
  • Trophies.
  • 2 Champion XP per match.
  • Ingots (not so much anymore)
  • Leaderboard chases

You pretty much sum it up

Everything that Slypenslyde said plus glory, which can be useful for getting 10 event keys every week, and each week’s glory troop to mythic. A lot of those are filler, but you’ll thank yourself when it comes to needing X number of troops at level 20 for your next kingdom star. Any extra glory can be saved and used as an insurance policy during new mythic weeks.


Right! Glory. I play enough I forget it’s a thing I’m farming because it stays at a pretty constant level.

I hear rumors that certain Treasure Hunt playstyles are the most efficient way to get glory but :face_vomiting:


Thank you guys! Your answers were useful for me :+1:

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This is not the case:

Yes you get 2 class xp per pvp battle won, but you can do several explore battles during 1 PvP, wich will give you more class xp per hour.

Which is why a lot of people keep the ranked PVP at minimum till Sunday & farm Casual PVP over & over during the week. The battles are’nt that much harder than an explore, and you get better gold and trophies & 2 hero xp. Explore is still a bit faster, but the trophies & extra gold from cPVP make up for it.


Yeah I haven’t tried speed Explore in a while, but when I did it I don’t believe I ever felt I was getting 2x or more wins compared to speed PvP. I’d really want “or more” since there’s no trophies for explore. (But the upside of Explore is Traitstones so it’s not a loss.)

What’s the point of gold and trophies? LTs are :poop: so let’s not lie to ourselves
Trophies I don’t see the point ( imagine someone starting a guild and want to get it to top 10 :rofl: = lifetime :rofl::rofl:
So yes trophies are useless as we all know that top 10 or 50 or 100 players are not better than someone in top 1000 it’s just that they had a head start. Look how many rushed to switch just to be top 10 lol

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What’s the point of arcanes? I’ve got about a thousand of them. Why should I play a mode that only gives 1 hero xp per match? The battles are’nt that much easier than cPVP, right? /endsoapbox.
Not everyone is in a zero req guild, as it seems you are, since you don’t care about tasks, trophies or gold. The majority of players, however, do care about those things. As far as the leaderboard goes, I’m over 1400 level-wise and been on the PVP leaderboard maybe half a dozen times, total. I don’t feel inferior to any of them.

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I’ve never played Casual PVP, so I’m unfamiliar, and I have a few questions if you would be so kind:

  • What is the reason for leaving the Ranked Tier at 15 until Sunday? Wouldn’t that mean you miss out on about a hundred guild seals a week?

  • Are CPVP battles significantly easier than Ranked PVP (I never chase the leaderboard anyway, so it’s no real loss to me if I can grind faster)

  • Are the rewards in CPVP about the same as ranked? Gold and glory I care most about—trophies are capped at 2, right?

No problem: 1) If you leave ranked tier low, the battles that randomly appear are easier, so in cPVP you can easily cycle to 5k or lower battle and finish a match in one or two moves. And you don’t really miss on seals, you just get them more slowly. So, you can miss out on some seals if you don’t get them done the first day, but you still should have seals finished by the third day or so, if you put the time in. You do miss out on daily glory for ranked tier, but since glory is only usable twice a week or as an emergency backup for mythics if glory chests run out, it’s not that big a deal, really.
2) No, the battles are the same, as they are pulled from the same pool of available players, but since you’re only getting one trophy per battle no matter what opponent you choose, the easiest one is the way to go. Also, since it’s only 50 gold, not a gem, to cycle through opponents, it’s much easier to find a low level opponent.
3) Gold is significantly better in ranked PVP & you can get 2 or 3 trophies there as opposed to only 1 in casual PVP, but the battles in cPVP are usually much faster, so you can do more of them, and make more over time.