Pvp rewards past 1900 points


I recently got myself a decent team for PVP and being able to actually win against higher levels and such.
So I have been playing more PVP games and what I noticed is the huge reward gap once you are past the 1900 points.

I currently have 6000 points on Sunday, with this weeks event, I know that’s about 150 PVP games (21 games per day ±). But I’m still only at rank 12 000.

I don’t know how many points I would need to get into the top 1000 for extra rewards. I know that the top 100 on Xbox starts at 12 000 points atm.

Even if I got to maybe 9000 points and get into the top 1000, that would still be a gap of 7000 points that is only rewarded with gold.
With the top games giving between 45 and 55 points, that’s 140 games.

I don’t think the reward should keep climbing, but a steady reward every 1000 points would be nice.
Or maybe a random Arcane stone every 2000 points or so? Or a Celestial, with the new crafting system, people will want more of these i think.


Well i like that idee to, now we get to tier 1 and migth play till 2000 and you know it is taking a long time to get some rewards… I know a week ago ive see monday evening ive seen the number 1 player with 20.000 points on 1 day how the hell can people get some rewards if they work 8 hours and need to eat and spending time with family and you are already so many points behind on day 1?


Them BOTS!

Personally I’m not seeing a big issue. The PvP tier and rank rewards are so trivial, that getting more of them isn’t going to make a big difference. To me the main rewards for PvP is what I get very battle (gold/glory/stones).

Something you could keep earning the more you play? It might be the wrong time to be asking the devs for new ungated rewards, since they believe what we’ve been getting is too much and economy breaking…


Yes, we get too much…(sarcasm) Devs should increase rewards, not low them.

Economy is a weird word for a place where there is no active trading system and with the current system, everyone has equal chance of getting the same stuff (besides VIP points)

I just wanted to point out how huge the reward gap is, any casual can reach 1900 points, but it seems you need to be a very active player to get to the top 1000 ranks.
Nothing in there for the semi actives in between.

100 glory for every 2000 points after rank 1.

There is active trading system. You can trade your money for more resources. So when they say the economy is getting out of whack what they mean is people are getting too much for free so they are unwilling to spend the money.

Which for me is same thing as the “lost sales due to piracy” fallacy. Most players would not spend the money even if there was less free resources given away. And most big spenders would spend money anyway because they are most eager/addicted to having everything as soon as possible.

That’s not a trading system, players have no influence on any of the prices or anything that’s being offered in the store or rewards.

Prices of tasks also do not fluctuate according to the value of gold due to too many people collecting gold or anything.

Either way, this thread is not about the economy in this game.