About Ranked Rewards

I know they got slightly better this week… but I still think they’re underwhelming if you consider the amount of work needed to get them.

I think devs might have underestimated the amount of people who would play on the new PvP system.

Consider this:

  • Usually, the average+ player would get to “rank” 1, which roughly corresponds to Tier 5 right now in amount of work to get there.
  • For Tier 1, you need 1,900 pvp points.

Right now, I’m not playing for rank rewards, but I do PvP anyway. I have 2,247 pvp points right now, which is 347 points higher than Tier 1, which is even higher than 1.9’s Rank 1. It’s enough to put me only on Rank 12,000-ish.

First of all, I have no clue how many points the currenth rank 1,000 has right now… Anyway, if I were to make my way aaaaall the way up from 12k to over 1k, my reward would be 500 gold, 50 souls, 1 gem, 1 arcane traitstone. That doesn’t sound much to me.

Maybe prizes should be even more spread out? We don’t even need more rank reward tiers, maybe just stretching each tier should suffice. I know this is probably trial and error and, at the end of the day, these rewards are extras. But I don’t play little, and what the rewards are telling is that it’s not enough to play a lot, but that you have to REALLY be addicted to the game in order to get an upgrade in your rewards.

So I’d like to know if anyone else feels the same…



I’d like to see stuff spread out even in the form of glory or minor trait stones (no major please). I think the top spot should get a Legendary from that week’s event kingdom as well. I play a good bit and thought a spot in the top 1000 would be likely pthhhh. I’d have to quit my job to get those numbers or dedicate every free moment to GoW.

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I agree, the reward spacing is fine for a smaller group though, but it seems that there is at least 13k players as that is about my rank, maybe a little more spacing would do well.

On an even bigger note that is related, they’ve done away with win streaks, if we can get double PVP points for consecutive wins then Maybe it’ll be easier to grind to a top position, I think that this is the first step to making th ranked rewards a little easier to obtain


i love this idea.

i had suggested the increase range… im playing against people that are ranked well over 15000 as well.

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Yes, they are close to nothing, and not show a nice pic either – 20k players get to 1900 pts and you need to get to top 100 – now 1000 to get one TS?

You get one much faster playing 1-shots on a challenge. So I guess people who play for the gain only stop right there and ignore. Those who play on and aim for top do it for other reasons (IMHO).

GoW was not meant as a competitive game, so it’s okay the way it is (IMNSHO).

If it was my decision I’d probably give out the 1 TS to everyone reaching tier 1 but I understand that a handout of 20k ‘my precious’ stones is not easy to push past an excel sheet guy, even stating that it would not alter the purchasing habits of any of the recipients and is a drop in the ocean anyway.

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I really don’t think PVP rank rewards need to be increased or extended. The tier rewards are aimed at people who just want to play casually (and, remember, they are much more generous than the pre-2.0 rewards!). If you are trying to break into the top 1,000 for rank rewards, it is going to take more effort.


My point is that it’s a lot of effort for little reward.

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It’s not though. It’s overall more efficient than it was before. Most players are averaging 10-30 more games (.5-2.5x more games) for 3x the rewards. And it’s now a much higher rewards ceiling than before, with still not a crazy time commitment. At worst we traded slightly more time required for way better rewards, which is incredibly fair.

The honest truth is that we all got spoiled off such a low cap. It took a total of about 2 hrs to hit Rank 1 in the old system. That’s a stupidly low ceiling for any online game.

But I’m talking about Ranked rewards, not Tier rewards. Tier rewards are great :wink:


But the ranked rewards are for the players who invest the most time in the game ('cause it’s essentially the one that grinds the most that gets to the top of the leaderboard). So top 1000 seems fine to me for the ranked rewards.

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Cant see how that would help. Those currently in the top 1000 would also be getting twice the amount of PVP points, so they’d just have twice the amount of points right now. Which means you still had to put in the same amount of time to get there.

My point is that battling all the way to rank 501 (for example) is really hard, and you would only get 500 gold, 50 souls, 1 gem, 1 arcane traitstone more than people with any rank. The effort is not worth the reward, I’d say.

The whole system is comparable to suppy-and-demand.

If it was easier to get to the top, more players would try, thus making it harder to get there. Same goes for the rewards. If 101-1000 gave a better reward of lets say 5 arcanes, more players would think their valuable play time is well spent in grinding pvp, thus again making it harder to get there.

No matter how you change the amount of pvp points per fight or the amount of rewards, it would still be those who grind most, that rank high and get the stuff.


Keep in mind that you also get a reward each time you win a fight, which adds up to a huge amount of gold and trait stones. They couldn’t possibly hand out anything remotely resembling that. Well, actually they could, by removing all immediate rewards from winning fights in ranked and relocating them to placement rewards. I suspect this would cause a lot of players to feel a lot less happy though.

Not true. If there were 10 or 10,000 ranked reward positions, do you think the result would be the same? Of course the chart for reward positions x number of players is far from a straight line, but you can contemplate more players with extra rewards based on the number of players going for rewards.

I consider that, of course. Those are battle rewards, that you would get for playing even if there weren’t any Ranked rewards. Your argument of “having to” remove the immediate rewards doesn’t make much sense unless you have access to all statistics involved in this matter. Since I assume you don’t, I don’t think it’s safe to assess that my idea of stretching out Ranked rewards to reach more players would mean the removal of immediate battle rewards.

I do agree with Mako that it should be slight higher.
There seems to be at least 20k players playing at least a decent amount of time. That 1 arcane stone could be pushed to top 2000. To match the top 10% most active. .


I also would like to see Runics and Minors as Rewards for the ranks below the arcane border. (no majors please)

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With the current system for majority of players, it’s too easy to reach tier, but to hard to be eligible for rank rewards.
This is simply a bad design, that frustrate a lot of players.

A lot of games use percentage brackets for PvP rewards, which automatically accommodate to player population and allows even casual players to get rewards.
Also it’s too easy to reach tier 1, it shouldn’t be something granted but something you strive for.

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I like the Ranked Rewards the way they are. By not having them being especially/over generous, I don’t feel like I’m missing out on anything by not placing, given my limited time to play.


I am what I would call a mid-core player, thanks @lyya for coining that term.

I agree that as it currently stands there is little incentive for me to push past Tier 1. The reward is not a big enough carrot for the time invested. Now, I also understand that that is MY choice. To be perfectly honest, I don’t think the rewards should be increased. I think they are appropriate bonuses for EXTRA work…

HOWEVER, I DO believe that the rank ranges can be extended to offer those rewards to MORE people.

This would be my suggestion:


All PvPers: 500 gold 50 souls (Thanks for clicking on PvP)

Tier 1: 1000 gold, 100 souls, 1 gem, 1 Arcane (Rewards those that commit the time to get to Tier 1)

Ranks 1001 - 2000: Same as current Rank 201-500

Ranks 501- 1000: Same as current Rank 101-200

Ranks 101- 500: Same as current Rank 51-100

Ranks 51-100: Same as current Rank 21-50

Ranks 21- 50: Same as current Rank 11-20

Ranks 11- 20: Same as current Rank 7-10

Ranks 5- 10: Same as current Rank 4-6

Ranks 2-4: Same as current Rank 2-3

Rank 1: Same as Current Rank 1

I think the real issue here AGAIN comes from the feeling of accomplishment. The OLD Tier 1 used to be the ultimate PvP title… so there are alot, 15k-ish, players that used to attain that weekly. Now 14,000+ of those players are missing out on that feeling.

By opening the second reward slot to all Tier 1 players, you are acknowledging that our time commitment is valuable as well. What used to take me two hours now takes me 3 days to get to Tier 1. People just want their achievements validated by in-game rewards. And a single gem and a single traitstone are a nice tip of the hat to all those committed mid-core players who fight to Tier 1. And as @pasa mentioned above, it would in no way break the ingame economy.

My two cents… :wink: