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Pvp rewards are too low!

2 improvements:

1st: separate ranks 2 & 3! Every competition in the world have different rewards for ranks 1, 2 and 3.
This will add more competition and make things more interesting.

2nd: the rewards for each ranks: 1st rank = 50k gold, 5k souls, 100 gems and 15 arcanes
2nd = 30k gold, 3k souls, 70 gems and 12 arcanes
3rd = 20k gold, 2k souls, 50 gems and 9 arcanes
4th to 100th ranks = slightly improved


What purpose would this serve? There’s already a disproportionate amount of effort going into topping the tables each week at the current level of reward.


The rewards are fine for Consoles because each Console is separate and the number of players is much lower.

They need to rework the rewards for PC/Mobile. Not so much as make them more plentiful, but rather instead expand their acquisition rank.

There are a lot of players on PC/Mobile and the top 1000 should be rewarded like the current top 100 do

Ranks 4 to 100 must also be improved.

I think the developers figured out people will be silly enough to go for rank 1 pvp no matter what the rewards are. People always gotta pride themselves on that #1 spot. I say give them a card that says, “thanks for coming out, you made it.”

We’re talking about a small group of people here that can even do it. The only ones that can do it are the ones that have more hours in the day to spend gaming. So the rewards are never going to be “holy crap” good. Not to mention, pvp already has the biggest pay out for time spent. If you get rank 1 on pc, you’ve already collected a fair share of gold,souls(maybe not anymore), and stones.

Maybe one of these in the mail hm?

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Now that my funny bone has been tickled, perhaps a more in-depth thought.

What they should do is re-balance the pvp system overall. Make it to where it takes nowhere near as many fights to get rank 1. Make it to where there is a penalty for losing fights. Whatever number they see fit. Bump up the rewards so that at least 50-70% of the player base feel they have a shot at it. Then whoever gets the #1 spot will actually be congratulated from everyone. More people going for something, makes winning that something way more special.

Also thanks to @Lyya for helping come up with this idea. The person who achieves Rank 1 in pvp that week should get a star/badge/symbol on their player card for all to see. They get to keep that badge forever as a symbol of honor.

The way the current system is set up, most people don’t even entertain the idea of going for it. We already know what it takes to get there. I just get a set number of trophies every week in pvp and that’s it.


This pvp thing is/should be the core of this game, so they must do it good. It is the main thing in this game that will make players continue to play this game. (not the only one of course but the main one). The top 100 rewards MUST be improved.

I agree with 2 points. Guilds/Pvp should remain as the main focus of this game. The rewards should go up.

IMO they have to re-balance pvp first. Maybe not so much on console, because as @TaliaParks pointed out there’s a much smaller player base. I don’t know if the devs would look at re-balancing one without the other though.

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Well, at least separating and improving ranks 1-2-3 wont break the game economy. And same for slightly improving ranks 4 to 100. Im not saying that rank 100 should receive 100 gems and 10 arcanes.

If they are crap then don’t do it!

Are you flipping serious… the ranked rewards already statically reward the most wealthy players to begin with, its always the same guilds that are in the top 10-20. Smells like banker bonusses here.

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Yes, Im serious. Its the top 100 that must be improved, not just the top 10. About same guilds beeing in top 20, I think you can remove the “s” of guilds as there are 8 members of my guild in the top 10 this week. I honestly see only 1 guild there but its not a factor for determinating the ranking anyway. A player without a guild could finish in top 5…even 1st!

Right! I think they should do away with the ranked rewards and instead reward you based on if you make it to say a certain milestone! You get something at say 5000 and then something more every 2500 after that! It’s pretty difficult to get in the top 100 especially when you do not know how many points you need! Most people cannot get number 1 because they have a life outside this game! I would not even try to get number 1!


You can finish in the top 5 every week if you want! I like to sleep every once and a while! If the rewards are bad stop doing it! I rarely do maps because the rewards are bad for time spent! The game has other things to do then PVP!

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I dont really understand why you keep telling me that if I dont like them, I should stop doing them, when I clearly explained I was not referring to my case and dont really need them anyway! (mountain stones this week? I have 55 remaining with no more troops to use them…)

Its the top 100 that need an improvement!

It really doesnt.

what really doesnt? If you re talking about the top 100, then watch the ranks 51-100 rewards: 4000 gold, thats 2-3 pvp matches. 600 souls and 2 arcanes, just farming with valkyrie explore at lowest difficulty and you wont need 10h to complete both. 4 gems? again a simple daily task made at low diff will earn you 6-10.
So yeah definately it does! @wskill


The rewards are reasonable when you factor in all the battles themselves as them main reward. As the developers have recently Hero hats and outfits. I think additional cosmetic items might be the best additional reward.

Top 1000 finish - cosmetic Hat
Top 10 finish - cosmetic ???
First - cosmetic armor

If you are not talking about yourself then have the people you are talking about complain! You really should not speak for others! My point is if they make rewards better then it will even be harder to get in the top 100! The people like you that don’t need them will hog them! My point is not to have it ranked just have it more rewarding every 2500 or so points you have! It would still be most rewarding for you if you are number 1 every week!

Ok, I respect your opinion. This rewards each 2500 pts could be another option. We will see what happens. Thank you for discussion.