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Possible Solution to Ranked rewards

So I have been following the threads


And came to what I feel may be a middle ground to ranked rewards. First off I believe that ranked rewards are quite fine as it is but with over 25k players 96+% of us will be unable to reach a place to obtain even the lowest ranked reward with a useful arcane stone (1000th place) so I pondered about having 2 ranked reward areas, one exactly as it is now based on your standings at the end of the week, and another based on the Tier rewards with just much higher values for a small amount of arcane stones (between 1-3). Let’s say something along the lines of every 5,000 PVP points earned can get you a single arcane stone for that week, this can totally over lap with the normal ranked reward providing those “top” players with added benifit in direct proportion to the amount of grinding they do.

Anyhow just food for thought, what do you think?


If it told us the stats of the rank 1000 player, then the people who are less logical and more depressive than us will have more hope, and that will make it EVEN HARDER for us to get into that slot. xD

I like the way you are thinking though.

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My thought is there should be a different way for the non-competitive to get the occasional stone, vs. layering a third reward system onto pvp.

They made a decision about what the lower ranks could rack up& it’s generous. But more routes to stones would be massively appreciated.

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@cell I agree about the drop from 100% to under 5% within the first step of rank rewards. Here was my suggestion

EDIT: I reached Tier 1 this week and quit playing pvp to see, as of right now. I am Rank 22,243 so that gives you an idea of how many people are participating and 1000 ranks is well under 5% of pvpers receiving awards. FYI :wink: