PVP tier rewards beyond 1900 pvp points?

Would be nice to get an increase to this.

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changed title rank–> tier as i think that is what you meant?

Personally, I really don’t want any incentive past 1900. It’s enough of a pain/time sink each week to do that as it is. But then, I’m getting into the level 200 “everyone has a full mythic defense team for the 3 trophy slot” wall, so.

But, as a general idea, it’s not bad at all. Maybe they could implement something where every additional 100 points gives a slight bevvy of gold…1900 gives 1000, so 2000 could give 1100, and increasing by 100 each from that point on?

Although that might anger the “elites get everything!” crowd, haha.

Would be nice to maybe get some stones thrown into the tier rewards though, seeing as how the “no way in hell I’m doing that ever” ranked rewards for top players get the arcanes every week. Maybe just some minors/majors for the rest of us? Or perhaps a random arcane every week for hitting Tier 1?


personally i think Tier rewards are fine to stop at 1900

i would prefer to see more spread rewards in the pvp ranking reward table, for now the ranking table rewards really small % of community and the % constantly shrinks

i think it should scale along with the community growth.


I would like to see a system like Mtg: Puzzle Quest. They basically break everything up into groups of around 3000, so everyone really had a shot at the top rankings of their group. Right now, there is no way I’ll ever even get near the top 500. I don’t have anywhere near that much time to play.

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I really like the way they left the PvP tiers very accessible. This way any active player has a good shot at climbing to tier 1, and earning the normal weekly rewards.

Leaving those that want to push top 100 to do so, but not feel required to do so.

I really like that Gow doesn’t have the forced grind.


The one time I made the top 100, I played more than 8 hours a day for 7 days straight. And I still only finished 17th.

I got 7500 gold, 10 gems, and 3 arcane traitstones. It really wasn’t worth it in the end.


Yikes. That’s worse than playing as a full time job. Doesn’t even seem like it would be fun at that point.

It was fun for a little while, the idea that I was competing with the top 100 players out of a pool of tens of thousands. Then reality set in and I realized how much time I had spent on swiping little colored dots. :smiley:


Agreed. The rewards are abysmal. Need upwards of 500 wins to even come close to top 100, and you get gold equivalent to ~3 whole matches. 3 arcanes can easily be pulled in an hour of farming (and in colors I need).


I wish I wasn’t out of likes. :+1:

Yeah. I like it this way. I feel less compelled to burn myself out. :slight_smile:


When the new PVP system came in, the Dev specifically said that they intended the tier system to allow people to get the rewards they’d been getting in the old system (and a bit more) and the global ranking stuff was more for people who wanted to play more beyond that.

That being said, I do see the issue with the rewards actually given for higher ranks of PVP. Though if they rewards are TOO good, then people feel compelled to go after and that’s a big downward spiral. But, that doesn’t mean it can’t be increased.

A glory key for each 100 or 200 rank gained capping at 5000

This needs to be put in, but it won’t because “top players” have no compulsion control.