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Add a 101st Player to the Top 100 PvP List - Position 1,000

The current setup of the PvP leader board has a reward system that goes down to rank 1,000-101. These 900 positions are completely invisible on the list. It would be nice if the player in position 1,000 is also shown on the list so that anyone interested in taking one of those 900 slots know what the cutoff for the week is. Currently it is just a guessing game that likely causes 100s of players trying for top 1,000 to get below the threshold each week.


I’ve actually been thinking about suggesting that as well. However, I also think that they might want to extend the rewards past top 1000, or maybe just offer further rewards at certain PvP point amounts, because between 1900 and 11000-12000 points is basically rewarded with a pat on the back and a “Better luck next time”, making those 9000-10000 points (which are a LOT of work) between tier one and rank 1000 meaningless. I mean sure, you get trophies and gold, but keeping track of the PvP points after rank one is meaningless unless you put 7-10 hours per day into just spamming PvP

Maybe they could add 5 more reward tiers as rank 1 with stars that would also help to separate PvP matchmaking slightly better too. 5k rating for 1 star, 10k rating for 2 stars, 15k rating for 3 stars, 30k rating for 4 stars, and 50k rating for 5 stars.

These rewards would also help to justify the relatively horrible rewards given for the top 1,000 players, particularly the top 100. The 1,000-101 reward for the PvP leader board is the only reward that is almost balanced for the amount of time it would take, and even that isn’t the greatest. Making rank 1 also include a 5 star system like that would help to consistently reward people regardless of how overly active the community gets. Many players can easily get 5k rating in a week. I am near there this week and around 20,000 players are there at 5k+. Thousands of players could reach the 2 stars at 10k. The other 3 would basically just be a consistent method to buff the rewards for people who play an insane amount making grinding like that to be worth it regardless of position finish.


I love both your suggestions and I up vote them both :slight_smile:

Just to be contrary, @Tacet, I don’t know if PVP rewards need to be buffed. (I don’t have a dog in this fight because I will never even attempt to breach the 5,000 point mark.) If the current rewards are enough to keep people playing and vying for them, do the devs really need to sweeten the pot and encourage more ruthless competition at the highest levels?

I like this idea in theory. I would like to see some tiers beyond tier 1 that give extra rewards. However, I’m not sure the devs should have something like “50K for 5 stars”. They would basically be explicitly encouraging players to play 18+ hours a day. As it is, people that play unhealthy amounts of time are doing that just because they want to. The current rewards for it surely aren’t worth it.

Maybe they shouldn’t scale it as high as I mentioned, but I think adding something like that would be healthy for the game. It would give incentive to players in the middle of the crowd to play more without the worry of not getting a top slot.

They could scale the star system to something like:
1 star = 2.5k rating (30k+ players)
2 stars = 5k rating (20k+ players)
3 stars = 7.5k rating (10k+ players?)
4 stars = 10k rating (2k+ players?)
5 stars = 15k rating (Around 100 players)

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