Over 50K players in PVP - and yet only 100 get the real rewards

It’s grown = Seriously, I have pretty much stayed consistent in my win/loss and yet every week I drop farther and farther away from the top it’s not even funny.

I can only imagine those in the top 10k must feel like.

I think there needs to be some rethinking now that PVP has gotten to be HUGE and the potential for even making it into the top 10k is extremely hard (committed or too much free time)

Maybe we need to break it down by levels or something. The only reason I do PVP is my guild requirements and if the event has something I want or need (glory is my favorite event perk)

Just saying - it’s not going to get any easier.


Agreed, the should scale it. Top 1% gets the best rewards, then the next 5% etc etc.

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More rewards and no payment - yes thats going to be popular… with the developers i’m sure.

I think PS4 only has around 6500… where are the stats for active players in PvP ? Anywhere or can anyone on the dev team give us an idea of how many active players are actually on each plaftorm? (I usually get into the top 20 on PS4 lately but it’s a lot of grinding you need 35k or more points to do so last week I finished 12th I think but it was over 750 battles with a very good W/L rate)

I finished 85th last week and had to submit a ticket for the paltry rewards, I just played pvp lots last week but I can’t understand how people can sit in front of the TV screen for such a ridiculous amount of time for next to nothing. Some folks appear to be on for 20 hours of the day. Surely some must share accounts or something? Nothing wrong with that, I just don’t see how the same person can play that long.


well to be in top 100 you need to be play this game like it full time job. I don’t know what life loser does this, but surely they deserve something for be this. I bet you want ‘competitor award’ like soft child come last in race.

The real rewards are climbing the tiers to rank 1. Everyone can earn them, with a reasonable PvP commitment.

The leaderboard is for those who want to grind to the top. I took time to make top 100 (65th) once, and I hated how much life I missed out on to do it. As long as the rewards to climb to tier 1 stay decent, then I don’t care about the weekly PvP rank at all.

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The leaderboard in pvp is a joke anyways. The rewards suck, and everyone gets different scores per battle based on guild rank. Better guild means less points. To truly be equal it should be…equal.

No - that is not what I am asking for. In other game systems - there is a breakdown that is more realistic to the number of players, first 10k, second 10k, third 10k etcs…

I get that every week and yes that is the rewards - getting that glory for the week as fast as I can. But then playing this every week with 500 gold and some other thing for weekly reward - just seems like bleh.

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Don’t know but the number associated with you each week is against the lot is active players in PVP you’re up against.

@Nephilim Weekly I can do 800-2000 and it doesn’t take much of my time. Actually do it a lot when waiting for my food to cook, or just … waiting in general. Then a few weeks where I’ve had weeks off like this week is one of those. And I’m capable of doing upwards of 4,000 or more if I cared to. Just usually only do 3,000 on those weeks. I face mainly 3’s, some 2’s if they are revenges. My best was rank #5. As for getting 1-10. That’s just too much work most times. I do feel the reward system is a little messed up. Though it is their game. So not really sure what to suggest here.

— end comment to you below is a general comment to the community

To get in the top 100 really does not take that much effort. I do not want to sound harsh to the community. Though if I can do it so can you. I think the reason why some mention they can’t or top 100 is hard is because they juggle trying to play other games and GoW. It shouldn’t be up to a game to adjust itself because you want to equally play other games alongside it. GoW is the main game I play period.

I work as a dental assistant full time. I raise 2 boys and I have a boyfriend. I even run a business on Second Life. And yet I can still make top 100 each week. And I do so without struggling or compromising my time. I still even watch tv with my family each day for our family time. Not like most would care about my schedule butttt here is a outline :

7 … wake up
8 … feed my family
9-5 … real life work
6-7 … second life work
7-8/9 (1-2 hr meals) … dinner time
8/9-9/10 (tv time after meals, adjusts) … tv time
9/10-11/12 (I play GoW 1-2 hours after tv time) … Gems of War
11/12 … sleep

^ very typical day … though usually mon-tues I’m too busy for GoW So I just go to sleep sooner. And if people say you have a schedule for your daily life? When you are busy and you have a family you have to ALWAYS have a schedule. Just part of having a family.

So my average play time in a week for GoW ranges from wed-sun @ 1-2 hours each day. For a total of usually 8 hours. And I take my time playing so in 1 hour = 100 trophies about. Yes some might rush or go faster, that’s them not myself.

That’s largely why I made a post a while back hoping GoW developers do not increase the time it takes to play the game. As they have over the time I started. I’m literally at the maximum time I can play. Any more dedication for time and I’ll need to find a game that will take less time.

For those that do not know I even run a guild on GoW named ‘Vendetta’ in the top 50 guilds. Maybe I like staying busy.


I played way more than that, had 17,000 I think or thereabouts and I used a pretty quick offence team on mainly three trophy battles and I couldn’t possibly get into the top 50 with that amount of time, no way! :relaxed:

I usually get into the top 20 or 30 and it takes a whack load of games to get there on PS4 usually 700+ but the first place guys I have no idea how they are doing it. First place right now would have had to play pretty much 38 hours of just Ranked PvP right now to get his 1,166 games in. It’s crazy and its only Wednesday.

That is a lot of hours for 50 gems, 11 arcanes, 25k gold and 2,500 souls. I’d bet they end up well over 50 even 60 hours by reset. I’d rather break out the credit card myself I’m already thinking spending the 15 to 20 hours a week I do on this game is perhaps too much considering the rewards to time investment ratio…

I’m guessing they are getting around 4,500 gold per win so they have made around 4.7 mil gold with their 90% win ratio currently which is impressive but still a tremendous time investment.

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@Calv1n Can’t recall off hand since I am on my computer right now. Though think I have 240 battles and I was at rank #51. So yes would be around 700 for me as well to be top 20-30. Lately these past weeks I don’t bother. I figure up on the top 100 and I’m good lol.

@Nephilim If you are talking about me and the time I referenced. I spent only 7 hours so far. And rank #51 last I looked.

Okay I just looked this is me currently. I dropped from 51 to 55.

16,000 pvp with a win/loss of 273/35 and a defensive win/loss of 51/68. (facing 3’s and only some 2’s because they were revenge battles). 800 trophies so far and a Guild Wars score of 32,000. I haven’t played today besides GW battles. So will get some time in here soon. Then finish tomorrow of course since its Sunday.

I may seem amazingly boring but I run with a plain beast team for Ranked. Not even using Spirit Fox because I love the spider. I use a muncher/Queen Mab team for farming when not in Ranked.