Rework Pvp Ranking up to 10k or more

For many years pvp has always been a goal but now there’s over 100,000+ shouldn’t it now be like top 10 get rewards on their performance, then allow 11-50 get same rewards and so on, and maybe change up the rewards go up 5 levels or Xp, just ideas a lot of players take time to relax and enjoy the game but getting into top 100 is a real challenge, but I just think Pvp needs to adapt to how many ppl participate in Pvp and obviously when Pvp goes live in the distant future, then for sure be really great rewards, it’s like what you did with changing up guild tasks for now pvp also needs to change and with adding Guild Wars, well that’s my 5c any feedback is appreciated excuse my punctuation, was never good at it on another note 1,2,3 trophies maybe it should start at 3,5,10 cups a lot of ideas can be worked out


ive been saying that for a very long time…

community grows but the pool of rewarded ppl shrinks :weary:


Its not worth trying for me to get any rewards for PVP when 10000 points doesnt put you in the top 20K


PVP rewards should be % based.
If you want to offer special things 1-3, or 1-10, fine but beyond that it really needs to be % of player base.


my friend started a new character on 5-5-17 and he was around rank 30k with only 1 pvp battle on sunday and he only fought the first enemy. so maybe saying 100,000+ players is a bit exaggerated dont you think

And while we are at it give us more tiers too

By this i mean instead of starting at 15 and going up to 1, lets start at 30 or 45

As it stands i can get to tier 1 in an hour and a half or so i would like more to try for

Possibly games been out almost 3 years or so, totally agree with the tiers didn’t think of that,