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PvP 1900 max rewards - why?

I’m fairly new to the game but one thing seems a very odd design choice:

Why are there rewards up to 1900 in PvP then nothing?

I, even as a newbie, get to 1900 on Monday or Tuesday in PvP but once there what now? It seems very odd that there are no more rewards to be had & a vast gap between 1900 score & what is required for top 1000.

Why is there no more rewards beyond 1900. They don’t have to be spaced closely together - even every 500 (or even 1000?) points or so.

I play a lot of these types of games & seems odd that I have 200% of the maximum progression reward & not even in the top 10,000 - why only rewards for top 1000? The rewards don’t have to be huge but getting top progression & seeing your in 22,000th position is quite demoralizing.

There seems absolutely no point going beyond 1900 for the vast majority of the player base except for gold farming?

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You are correct in your assertion. PVP unless you plan to make the leader-boards (which is a monumental task) is only good for gold after 1900 tier. Trophies as well for guild ranking

Gold is good for gold keys, kingdom leveling, & guild rewards.
Once they release the legendary guild tasks (or whatever they are calling them) then gold will have a further purpose.

Would love to hear why this decision was taken rather than a more spread out approach though

I think there is consideration for the players with compulsive mentality who would absolutely rush PvP to max every time.
And if the bar is set to high the game would get boring very fast during the grind.

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You win more arcane traitstones the higher you are.

Really? - I’m about 3900ish & I haven’t noticed any difference now as compared to the climb to 1900.

Anyone able to confirm this? (not counting the “BONUS” ones for coming top 1000)

He’s talking about rewards on the leaderboard.