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HMM leader board.........top reward 1900 need 15x that to think of reaching #1 spot

This thing just seems skewed to all hell… Is it a leader… Do people really play 1000 matches a week, without some type of bot or aide? This isn’t a leader board for this game, its a leader board for those that sit and play this game the exclusively. I feel at this point that leader board is more of an issue then it is of something that’s suppose to make us care to strive to reach the top. When its clear the point system has a few kinks its premises seems well intentioned. Just how is the our weekly goal of hoping to reach the 1900 points then look at the leader board and realized u need 13x that to even think of reaching near the top spot. Do the points get larger once you’ve completed the 1900 points. Cause at the moment that leader board just gives ya more of a reason to not care to strive to try to compete.

Don’t get me wrong I’m not downing the folks making it to the top… Its just that this leaderboard only seems to be for a 1/3 or less of this games poplulation. Yes everyone gets to use it, but a leader board that highlights the “best”(in this case best is just the guy who can play the most games).

Maybe im just venting and irritated by the leaderboard at the moment

This is like the fishing leader board on gaiaonline.com what did you expect?

Yes, yes we do.

From my experience, getting to Tier 1 had more points. After 1900, it is 30+ point matches for hard. The leader board is an endurance race. It is a practice in how quickly you can invade with the time you have. Unfortunately; in your case, more people have the time to dedicate to the game.

@killerman3333 i dunno and never heard of… Just venting cause its frustrating

That leader board is more of a kick in the below the belt region… for anyone thats outside the top 1/3 of this game And im just the asshat to try and voice it thats all Oh and im quite frequently a day late and a dollar short on any of these types of posts… But im here all the same.


I say just don’t bother with it. I know I’m not planning to play that many battles.

Though still, congrats to those that do have the time and dedication to make it into the top 1k, you are better people than I!

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More like the top 10%, at most. 1900 points seems to be about rank 11,000 - 13,000. And this shouldn’t have been a surprise to anyone with even a passing knowledge of how many people play this game, and how competitive it is between the top guilds. The leaderboard is entirely for people who play the game obsessively. And that ok. Not every feature has to be valuable to every player, though it’s harder to justify the development time when it isn’t.

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@zelfore i don’t, I may hit 1900 this week which may put me close to 12000 place :smiley:

@ spherix I know, most the games population don’t even visit this forum and I also realize that that board in general is only for those at the top to give them something to do to keep the game intresting to them.

In gaia fishing the leaderboard is for those who can invest in the time to play, this is almost a carbon copy of that leaderboards function. Those who play more get more rewards which is what this leaderboard is doing and showing. We can not fault the devs for how dedicated their fanbase is. This make it look like the top player is the one that plays the most.

I range from 31-45 points per match. I’ve been in top 50… I played a lot. This time I haven’t played as much but still am in top 100. It can become a grind for sure. I cannot fathom having the time to get 20-30k points. I know I don’t have the time. Having the most efficient deck helps.

Can anyone tell me how many pvp points the cutoff point at #1000 had last week? over the 10000?

I’m not sure about Rank 1000, however Rank 100 only had 7,235 points according to @Ashasekayi’s spreadsheet

EDIT: Worth remembering though that last week was a short week.

ALL leaderboards, by their nature, are only for the top 1% - 5% of a game’s players. How could it be otherwise?


Leaderboards are completely fine the way they are… Leaderboards are for the the top 5% of players anyway.

I’m just glad tier rewards weren’t replaced by leaderboards, now that would have been concerning.

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Not in all games the “top 1%-5% of players” is solely defined by the time they spend playing the game though, and that is the cause for the OPs complain i assume.
Not saying i knew how to change it for the better or that i wanted it to be changed or even cared enough after seeing what immense amounts of times the top players invest and realizing that i don’t have what it takes to rank this high. I am just saying i fully understand where the OP is coming from.

I don’t know what is the gripe here. All PvE games with leader board is like this. Only the ones that play the most wins.

The ONLY other way that would make things “fair” is if the devs limited the amount you could battle per day and I doubt that would be something most of us want.

yes it is called “leader board” not the everyone board

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