PvP-Rewards too low


I just feel that rewards in PvP are way too low, compared to the effort you have to put in.
So far I am this weeks nr. 8 on xbox and needed about 760 won fights to reach that.
Compared to other rewards, the reward you get for that amount of fights is way too low.
It feels as if you are not respecting peoples efforts.



Pvp is (and alwys been) a bipolar syndrome leaderboard.

Either you go for nr 1, or you stay out of it, everything inbetween is worthless.

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It looks to me that, if going for leaderboard, the place to end up is 51-100. 5 epic ingots seems the best rewards of them all.

(Other than that what one strives to obtain from PvP is gold and glory. Leaderboard rewards are just - “Oh, I got some? Fine. Oh, I didn’t get any? Well, big deal, who cares.”)


They put the rewards where you could see them. You did the thing to get the rewards. The only message that sends them is “These rewards are tantalizing and someone will work hard to get them.”

Overall it makes sense PvP rewards are the worst because there’s no money involved. You can’t buy stats or sigils in PvP. It’s the “free” leaderboard that only costs your time. They’d much rather you spend your gems and time on an event leaderboard where you’re competing with people who can and will spend money to beat you. So they put the really nice prizes over there.


Imo the weekly events need a gold bump. We spend so much time in the weekly events and my gold stash is slowly dwindling away. I dont have the time to grind pvp for the gold to donate to guild like id like to.


My 2 cents is if I thought it not worth it I wiuld not do it. Doing it then complaining that you did it solves nothing.

Yeah, I agree with this there needs to be leader board prizes like the other events

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