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Ranked PVP Leaderboard rewards feel like a joke

I made it into the top 50 this week and will still be in there for the end of the week but when I look at what the reward is going to be it feels almost like a joke. I earned 600k in gold yesterday yet 21-50 is 5k gold? Even if you get all the other lower tiers that’s 15k. If I farm scrolls that’s easily over 50 gems that 1st place gets. For the hours you need to put in and it gets reset each week the rewards are massively low. The top guy for this week has 1725 wins which quite easily is enough gold to max every single kingdom.

I understand it’s not supposed to be like earth shattering rewards but it just feels shitty with all the matches I played to get next to nothing.


It’s the Arcanes that are the main reward. Way more time-efficient to grind PvP for them than to grind elsewhere (even the new Explore Mode is debatable). And the Gems rewards aren’t bad either if you aren’t in a top guild.

I haven’t done the math, but I can’t imagine the hundreds of play-hours a week needed to rank high enough to qualify for 3+ Arcanes is worth the payout relative to Exploration. Subject to RNG, of course, Exploration has yet to fail to produce at least one Arcane per hour invested, in my case.

I see the PvP ladder as bragging rights. Everything else is a bonus thrown in for those willing to commit.


It has been said many times before. If the only reason you make an effort on the leaderboards is for the end reward, then don’t, it’s not worth it. But if you have another aim that gets you there anyway, such as earning gold or bragging rights, then the additional reward is pretty nice to have.


I think it’s more like 60-80 hrs for PvP. Just in shear matches, it’s like 1/100 Challenge matches for an Arcane, so 1500 PvP matches or 1000 challenge matches for the same number of Arcanes? I guess you’re right that it’s faster to do Challenges, but it’s not that far off. Then the Souls are about even, PvP gives Gems, and you get exponentially more you Gold. The Gold makes it heavily in favor of PvP.

The rewards should stay low, just so players are not feeling forced to grind but range could be wider. There’s like 20k+ players but only top 1000 are eligible for rewards.

Explore is 5-6% arcane drop rate. Currently slot #100 on pvp board has 360 pvp wins. 360 wins would get 18-22 arcanes doing Explore. Explore is Much easier and faster, but around 25% of the gold and no trophies for guild and no glory.


Challenges or Exploration?

I think Exploration is supposed to pay out with about 6% chance per match of getting an Arcane (3x the Challenge payout of 2%). If so, and assuming a 3-minute match (so 20 matches per hour), there’s a 70% chance to get one Arcane in that hour. If you can do 2-minute matches (so 30 matches per hour), the chance increases to 84%.

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@Lyya I am definately on the side of Explore. At first I felt that it was just another “Casual” play mode and didn’t really care about it. But then I found I needed Blade and Blood stones to finish off my last two kingdoms. I played matches in Explore and got the Blood stones on Friday night and the Blade stones on Saturday night. Not sure how many matches I played but it was definately less than what I remember playing while doing Challenges to farm stones.

Thumbs up from me for Explore. And a fully levelled and starred map as reward.


I couldn’t agree more with you guys, we have to have better rewards! It’s like the devs didn’t even try to put together a real compensation package. They need to have exclusive cards or something like that. Simply put the rewards are garbage and couldn’t be any worst. Come on devs please get it together

Playing 2000 games like a bot should be its own reward.


Haha :wink: when you look at a couple of the usual ‘top tier’ suspects and see they lose one out of every five attacks, it does make you wonder if they’re just mashing the keyboard absentmindedly.

It seems that even if you’re losing one out of every three PVP games, you can still be at rank 14 at this point in time :stuck_out_tongue:

So don’t play to win, just play often :smile:

Most of the “top tier” losses don’t come from actually losing the game. A lot of them are from quitting because the match will take too long to win or you are going to lose. It’s rare that any of them stay until the end since it would waste a bunch of time (when you add them all up).

Perhaps I should have stated the winning ratio then? If you’ve not won, you’ve lost in my mind, however I look at it. But each to his own.
Might I add that @dhjl doesn’t suffer from this >tips hat< the boy has some stamina I must say. But others… Check Sister at week end, it’s almost like AI is controlling both attack and defence :stuck_out_tongue: Now, where’s this ‘any-key’ button…?

This is way off topic so I’ll stop now before I make a complete mess of this thread :slight_smile:


Yes, I suppose it is.

However, I do concur with the OP.