Reward for consecutive logins


I think it would be nice if we had a rework of the reward for consecutive daily logins. I mean, who really cares about 1k gold. I once played the “Card Monsters” game (if anybody knows it) - here’s how they rewarded you for consecutive logins:

They had a roulette that at the first login only had tiny rewards. Consecutive logins unlocked better rewards up to 100 consecutive logins. When you log in, they had like a spinning wheel, that went through all the rewards and picked one at random. Not logging in on one day didnt turn you back to 0 logins, but reduced your daily login count by 1 (which I guess could be increased to 5 or 10).

Example (rewards are totally only for the purpose of showing how it would work):

1-5 logins:
possible rewards: [500 gold] or [25 souls] or [5 glory]

6-10 logins
possible rewards: [500 gold] or [25 souls] or [5 glory] or [1000 gold] or [50 souls] or [10 glory]*

*You can’t get like [500 gold] + [1000 gold]. The number of possible rewards is increased. So you can still be somewhat unlucky and only get [500 gold].

11-20 logins
possible rewards: all of the above + [2000 gold] or [100 souls] or [20 glory] or [1 gem]

and so on jada jada

Totally hope you get, what I’m talking about =P


100 logins:
possible rewards: all of the prior possible rewards + [30 gems] (which would get you a chance of about 0,1% - 0,5% to get a decent reward, depending on the number of possible rewards for the levels below


We’d also discussed moving to a monthly login calendar - with progressively high rewards… I have not missed a single login since about 15th November 2014 (or a week or so after game first hit, can’t quite remember…) so I should be due some AWESOME rewards…


I really much agree with this.


And then I’d get 5 glory nine days in a row. No thank you.
I am glad for my 1000 gold a day. If it doesn’t go to a kingdom upgrade, it goes to guild tasks.


Out of the corner of my eye, my brain assumes your avatar is a panda every time!


Well actually, considering guild rank doubles daily earnings (when highest rank), it’d probably be more like 10 glory. There’s also the fact that Jason mentioned:

So they could easily be upped or lowered accordingly. (Probably using the tributes as a base.)


I’m just pointing out that unweighted random rewards for logins is inherently unfair.
While most people won’t have a problem, one person will get extraordinarily lucky while another will get bubkas with no way to improve his lot in luck.
What’s wrong with having a flat rate of return?

I think back to several games that do exactly what the OP suggested, one that comes to mind is Warframe.
I resented the login reward every time it didn’t give me something enjoyable or usable.
Once you hit the highest bracket of reward, it opened up the option of a shop discount, 50% or something like that. And I got that reward six times in nine logins. They didn’t stack, they expired the same day, and I had already given them $50 prior to this becoming available.
Everyone getting the same login every time is the most fair.
Next most fair is scaling rate of return, which rewards people for returning.
Least most fair is random reward.


I agree. Would much prefer a calendar-style login record like many games use, where you can see ahead the month’s rewards… No rng to it please


I agree. Would much prefer a calendar-style login record
like many games use, where you can see ahead the month’s rewards… No
rng to it please

I thought about a constant increase on the login bonus, but I believe this would amass to an all too high months-end-bonus. What do you have in mind in particular? What would you be given for a month of consecutive logins?

I’m just pointing out that unweighted random rewards for logins is inherently unfair.
most people won’t have a problem, one person will get extraordinarily
lucky while another will get bubkas with no way to improve his lot in
What’s wrong with having a flat rate of return?

It’s about the “thrill” of being able to get a decent reward. Yeah like 500 golds x2 for being in a guild. Guild bonus for daily login is worth 500 gold right now, so no value at all. Whereas the guild bonus could be more useful if you got souls and/or glory and/or gems instead.

It’s just boring, the way it is right now. And about the bad luck: schmitt happens, so hope for a better reward on the next day.

Before 1.08, the keys were much more like a lottery than they are now. When you opened an iron key, didnt you hope for a missing legendary every time? Sure, the chances were very slim, but they existed. Iron keys were like lottery tickets for as little as 1k gold. If you liked that, I cant see why you’d prefer a flat rate of return. If you didnt like it - no offense - I cant see what’s wrong with you in the first place =P


I vote for a calendar reward system.

The way it could work is that each day you log in, the game tracks the next (in-game calendar) day as ‘logged in’, even if you miss a day or so.

Example: User logs in on the 1st - 4th, misses the 5th, then logs in again on the 6th of a given month.
Game tracks this as logging in days 1 to 5. The missed day on the 5th doesn’t reset weekly progress but user misses out overall on the whole month. (They are now short one day and can’t receive all daily rewards to the end of the month)

So rewards could ramp up each consecutive day for each week, and could differ slightly from week to week.

Any other ideas or thoughts out there?
Just trying to contribute :slight_smile:


Well firstly, I find 500 gold to be of great value. I can put it toward a kingdom, a guild task, or heaven forbid buy a key.
Secondly, I get much more for being in a guild than just a daily login bonus.
Thirdly, I am only thrilled when I get the high end reward of this random system. Let’s say it’s set up to give me the best reward 5% of the time. 95% of the time I am not thrilled. In fact, half of that 95% I am on the low end of the reward scale, so 45% of the time I am unimpressed, and 5% of the time I get the worst reward and am utterly disappointed.

And besides, they’re reworking guilds as we speak, so the value of guilds will go up again soon.

I’ll take boring (but valuable) over downright disappointing any day of the week.

So in 1.07 I didn’t open any keys, because I knew traitstones were coming.
Back in 1.06 I opened keys, and sure, I hoped for legendaries. But opening keys isn’t like logging in.
Keys is the lottery system, and I don’t tie the results to my actions.
But logging in is something I do, and I want to be rewarded in a non-random way. I want to believe that the game (and the designers of the game) want me to come back every day, and giving me gold for doing so enforces that belief.

I get it that you like lotteries. But there’s problems with it.
To give you a random reward good enough that you can be excited for the infinitesimal chance to win it means the average reward has to be set so much lower, or the economy gets over-inflated just like it was doing with gems in 1.07.
I don’t want to get daily rewards worse than 1000 gold.
I’m happy with the 1000 gold.

Let me ask you a question.
If there was a 0.3% chance of getting a legendary in your daily login, would you be happy to get 300 gold per day (max) to get that one legendary per year?
Because if you’re asking for something as valuable as 1000 gold per day, but also asking for the chance to win legendaries as well, you’re really just asking for more, not so much as asking for something different.

The designers will have to write new code, for the chance to give you more than you already get, for no chance of extra return on their product. What do they get for increasing your daily reward? I’m already 100% loyal on my daily login.


I have seen 4 ways of keeping rewards and days logged in done.

  1. it keeps the previous day count and resets when you log in 30 days - not just consecutive days or after a calendar month so if it takes you 120 days to log in 30 times, you get 30 rewards and on day 121 you start the cycle over.
    pros: doesn’t punish you for missing a day
    cons: if you don’t like the rewards for upcoming day, too bad. if you miss a day you don’t get to skip them.

  2. it keeps a +1 for each day you log in and a -1 for each day you miss to a minimum of 0. you get the rewards based on your overall days.
    pros: you can keep at a favorite reward number by not logging in
    cons: you can manipulate what your reward is by skipping days

  3. if you miss a day, you start back over at 0 -
    pro: current system - no change
    Con: you can lose a month worth of log in just because of your internet being down or some real life issue

  4. each day the system sets the reward for the day. no culmination and no reward for extra days. day 1 gold, day 2 glory, day 3 souls, day 4 trait stone maybe based on home kingdom, make it a whole week with combos? and rotate it… that way its not just gold that matters but getting something interesting each time.

pro: system doesnt have to keep track of how many days you have logged in. everyone gets something that day
con: doesnt reward logging in everyday except to findout/get the new reward.

if you do something like 4 but want to reward extra for daily log in, you can make it scale (like the pvp ranking)


You forgot 5 - randomised results.

I don’t like the RNG system, but it’s definitely a real system.


Could do a mix of 4 and random… you know. you get this for the daily (the set) and a spin at the wheel with a progressive chance of better gear for the cumulative.


First of all, I never said I wanted the chance to win a legendary card. It could be just resources as it is right now, maybe add a few keys, gems, glory, souls.

Second of all: The possible rewards I mentioned in the first post were totally NOT the rewards one could win, as stated.

Third of all: How much value does 1k gold really have, you can get that in 3 minutes via a single pvp match.

Try seeing it like this:
Instead of the current 1000 gold per login, it would be a tiny bit more fun if you had a chance to win 1500 gold if lucky, 500 gold if unlucky. Just a very tiny bit. Overall you would still get your 1000 gold per login statistically.
Now add other resources one could win. If lets say 1000 gold had the value of 100 souls, give me a chance to win 100 souls, or if lucky 150, if unlucky 50. Repeat with glory, add a few gems or an event key or whatsoever. Thats all I want.

It’s not about getting UBER rewards for simply logging in on a daily basis, which, since we’re all addicted, we already do anyways, no matter what reward you’d get. Like “oh I havent logged in today, better log in, cause I dont wanna miss them 1000 golds - yay” - nobody with a sane mind logs for the sole purpose to collect the login reward and then leaves. So I get that you dont want to ruin the economy, which it wouldnt since see above.

It’s just about the variation of possible rewards.

To answer your question though: No I wouldnt, for a 0,3% chance - that’s far too low considering it would statistically cost you 3333x 700 gold = 2.331.000. But I never asked for a frickin legendary daily reward!!!

Sry I had first read it as 0,03% chance when I calculated the amount of gold lost.
It would rather amass to 100 / 0,3 = 333 x (1000-300) = 233.100 gold lost for a chance to get a legendary over the course of one year.

So lets see: 233.100 gold makes up for 777 keys - which would give you loads of minor traitstones and commons which could be disenchated for souls and a tiny bit of glory which you could use to buy glory chests - yeah, I guess I would rather opt for 300 gold per login with an off chance to get a legendary rather than 233.100 gold over the course of nearly a year.

But as stated above: I never asked for a legendary via daily login!!


This is what I had in mind…

If you log in 30 consecutive days, you get the full reward that month. On 1st of the month it resets and we all start on day 1 of the ‘track’ again.

For Feb / 31 day months, just have a shorter or longer track accordingly, or just improvise to cover gaps…

For example (not real numbers) - by day:

  1. 100 gold
  2. 5 souls
  3. 5 glory
  4. 200 gold
  5. 8 souls
  6. 3 gold keys
  7. 500 gold
  8. 10 souls
  9. 10 glory
  10. 3 glory keys
  11. 750 gold
  12. 5 gold keys
  13. 20 souls
  14. 5 gems
  16. 1000 gold…
    and so on…
  17. 100 souls
  18. 10 event keys

So numbers I just made up, and are probably too high, but you get the idea…


I could totally live with that as well, although - as you already said - the rewards might be a bit too high, especially the 10 event keys, which would otherwise cost you 15 gems each with a little discount if bought at 10 a pack.

That would bring a little variation to the daily reward, I’m just super bored by the 1000 gold every day. I dont care about it at all, it rather annoys me to wait for the loading and click through it. -.-


I never tried to imply to you that you asked for a legendary. I was trying to make the most extreme case.
I couldn’t think of anything better than legendary, so I used that.
Yes, we could win resources in your system, but the argument you used against gold works against most other resources too.
"How much value does 100 souls really have, since you can win that in 2 battles, or six minutes in PVP?"
Seriously, I would hate winning even 150 souls. Gold has far more value to me, because souls only does one thing: level troops. If I’m not interested in levelling troops it does nothing, but you can always find something to spend gold on.

I’m not sure what you mean in your ‘second of all’, but let’s just agree that in your idea, the value and type aren’t your major point - that would be a decision for the devs. All you care about, really, is getting something DIFFERENT each day. You want a reason to get excited for the daily reward.

I would like to talk about statistics for just a second. And I’m not an expert on statistics, I’m not a statistician.
I’m merely a hobbyist / gamer / nerd.

In your most basic example, we can win 1000 gold most of the time, but occasionally 1500 and also occasionally 500.
I will assume the same chance to win 500 or 1500, but the chance for these two are less than winning 1000.

Gems of War has a large player base. It isn’t infinitely large, so it is true that not all situations will arise. But the possibility for outlier situations is there.
Given a large enough sample size, as we approach toward infinity, all players will average exactly 1000 gold per day.
However, we aren’t going to approach infinity, so again, we have the chance for outlier situations.

The two outlier situations are these.
One player will have extremely bad luck. S/He will get a long standing run of 500 per day. Is this fair for this person?
Another player will have extremely good luck. S/He will get a long standing run of 1500 per day. Awesome for that person, but is that fair for every body else?

Most people will average 1000 gold per day. In fact, there will be some people who never see anything except 1000 per day. The chance for winning 1500 will be a taunt to them. Something out of reach. Something they know other people get, and in fact, some people probably get it “all the time” but they’ve never had it.
For these people it will be frustrating.

For you, though, you’ll get your share of 500’s, and 1500’s, and maybe you can get excited for the chance to get 1500. But will you? Really? Because you know, in the long run, you’re only getting the same 1000 per day you used to always get.

Now when you talk about the bit about missing a login, I’m right there with you. But when you want to randomise it, I can’t agree.

Just for the record, though, I do login, collect my gold, and leave. The sooner I do that, the more often I can collect tributes :smiley: