What if P.V.P win streaks multiplies our rewards?

i had a brilliant idea where we could get a lot of gold, trophies, keys and all the other rewards we get in P.V.P. What if it increased and multiplied our rewards depending on our win streak? If we get 5 wins and lose, we get five times (x5) the rewards. It would be cool right?

As usual the OP is hoping to get more rewards by playing the same amount of time :zzz:

Just. Play. More? :rofl:


I actually agree with you, but… Gems of War kinda already made that happen with Gnome-a-palooza.

The original post is far too unlikely from expectations, but a win streak bonus isn’t off the tables if they ever revamp PvP… somewhere in 2024/2025 at this rate (its behind Treasure Hunt, 2 more Full UI Revamps, and 3 more Season passes, half-sarcasm).


People with 9999x win streak gonna love this


speaking of treasure hunts in my inventory is like 500 of them plus I never really have the time to use them. Plus the pvp thing no ty I’m already earning 400k gold and like 1k seals from just grinding till I get tier 1 or I’m on the board.

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If you were to multiply the potential rewards from PvP in this fashion, I fear what the necessary offset would be. As not to de-stabilize the game’s economy with a rush of additional resources.

I also fear that one of the ramifications of such would be to shift resources from those who don’t play a whole lot to those who already play a fair amount because it would be far more lucrative to accumulate long winning streaks, something that is more likely to happen as one plays more.

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