Your Ideas for a Future Gems of War! πŸ‘€


How about if, for Example, you could turn 1 Million Souls into 1 Orb of Power?


That one can make a Selection in the Pets as it is for example at Arena is not only a Coincidence but one can choose between three Pets. :sunglasses:


That one can Transform the Treasure Maps into other Objects or exchange. :gem_doomskull:


About as


15.384 is to mutch


Soooo many Souls


The Pvp Top 100 rewards should include orbs that would be an incentive for all to play more Pvp because the rewards for the time and effort to play high is not in the right proportion :crazy_face:



You have no idea.



nice 24/7 Playtime


Better PVP rewards required due to the rewards do not justify the effort it takes. Especially now the LTs have been nerfed


I’m totally against that. There is already to many botters and account sharers on the leaderboard if you add in orbs it will be almost impossible for legit people to make it on there.


I think there must be something to make with the tons of traitstones we have. i have like 4000+ of each minor stones, and there is no way to spend them. Maybe there could be at least a way to make gold with it…


Buddy List would not be bad.
With a Message System to Write and or Trade Items, Ressourcen or Gifts.:gift:


Some 4 colored troops would be cool. Devs said that there will likely be no more all mana troops/weapons than it currently is.


Leaderboard would not be bad in the Game.
Pets, Underworld, Hero Lv. etc.


Better rewards or several rewards in the Tower of Doom event at the end of the week for example gold,bars,orbs, there are unfortunately only gems and the dawn card as a reward :cry:


Please give the girls more hero styles: race, hairstyles, jewelry, costume color, so that we are individual!


I would like to see a Resistance game mode, were you need to face waves of enemies, and you get rewards based on how far you get.
Maybe between battles you can get the choice to heal your troops or get a bonus to your skills.
Could be a nice variant to Arena game mode.

Just a thought.


Mm - a choice of buffs is a tried and true feature in other games, and could be fun :slightly_smiling_face:.