Your Ideas for a Future Gems of War! 👀


Yep, and since the difficulty should be progressive, you will need some kind of buff.

As i said, is just an idea and needs to be polished.

Maybe @Saltypatra would like a Resistance game mode and can pull some strings :yum:


Just want to be able to craft old weapons in soul forge…rotate them every week like u do legendary and mythic troops…really shouldn’t be that hard to do


Bump for this. This would be lovely.


The game has expanded tremendously, yet there are still very few ways to collect trophies. A player may spend lots of time focusing on other areas but this will not necessarily be reflected in the guild contributions. Add trophies (doesn’t have to be significant, but some wouldn’t hurt) in other areas of the game.
Perhaps the guild itself is due for some sort of update with all these new features added in the last year…



The mailbox should be extended, 100 too littlebecause you almost have to log in almost daily.With an active top guild to exceed this limit.This has unfortunately happened öffter and the support does not reimburse these rewards, which are then unfortunately lost. :tired_face:


And the Collected Mails change from 30 to 50 or 100.:smirk:


A way to get older Weapons (Event Weapons) or in the Soulforge.
I miss 5 Legendary old Weapons :frowning:


And collected mails should be sorted by newest first


Dragoneye banned from PVP as the amount of people abusing this weapon is becoming beyond a joke. Or they need to make a counter for example certain troops cannot be transformed, troops with Barrier not affected etc.


And the troops must be sorted as new!


I think we need a search button for search all Player im Game is better for looking.


A absolute first on the list, rotate old event weapons in the forge. Atm there’s no way to get older weapons, like Trickster’d shot, if you started playing after its event. It can be pretty crippling in certain areas.

And the second on the list, add more socialisation to the game. Add a way to directly search players and guilds, if not for other reasons, than for pvp testing vs certain players. Also a private/dirrect messaging system won’t be a bad addition; add a third chat tab, and allow people send 1to1 messages.


That the game makes quality and not quantity it’s trademark again…

186 troops released, impressive…too bad 90% is dead content at the very moment it arrives in the game or a week later at best.

That the Devs review the already existing material instead of just mindlesly adding more of it before the game collapses under its own weight.

And I will be the happiest panda ever :wink:


For Challenges or Explore mode give pls 2 Class points not 1. The Time to leveling its to long.


I would like a chance to “rent a Mythic” - When new mythics come out now we need to decide if we are going to invest (for example) Gem Keys before we have even played with the new troop. If I could pay 50 gems to play with the troop for one day first - then if I liked it I would be much more willing to invest my keys to attempt to get it.