PvP Rewards Idea

Hi, my idea is: when you win at ranked pvp, the rewards give a small extra amount based on the defenders kingdom.

For example, I defeat a player with Whitehelm set as their kingdom, and it rewards with a small amount of extra glory.

I think this would make ranked PvP more interesting.

Hmmm, i am not sure if farming (endless existing) ressources really motivate players more.
I think the only thing that will boost this old mode is real PVP between players.
But Gems in its core is not a real multiplayer game, so we never get it, that was the devs statemant years ago and never changed.

Not sure if a small gold, glory, or soul boost would motivate people. Every week to get to Tier 1, I only do the easiest ranked fights. It has worse rewards (half the gold in the same time frame I think?), but it’s the quickest way to Tier 1 and that’s all that matters. The few times I try to get on the PvP leaderboards (not the top, just on them), same thing, spam easiest fight as it’s the quickest points / hour.

I would like to see home kingdom matter though. Maybe it gives an arcane traitstone from that kingdom? Doesn’t matter for end players, but useful for early and mid players. Or, maybe for every defense win you have, you get a reward from your home kingdom, like extra glory for Whitehelm?

Overall, I’d like to see points changed. Spamming easy fights shouldn’t be a better way to get on leaderboards or to Tier 1. The harder fights should give far more points per hour.

Also, defense wins and losses should actually matter. Right now, it doesn’t. The amount of points you can lose is so minimal that even when I target leaderboards, I’ll still just have an easy defense team to help others for campaign or fire bomb. Who cares. It’d be nice to see defense wins earning more points, and losses losing more points. Make it relevant. Though, many people don’t even care about points because PvP leaderboards doesn’t exactly provide good rewards anyway.

Maybe a defense win has a chance to catch a gnome. “Congrats, your defense team found a pet gnome!”

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That’s how it was initially handled. Players were drowning in yellow traitstones, because just about everybody was using Whitehelm as home kingdom for the extra glory. The community kept complaining about it for years, it eventually got changed to random traitstones.

This is actually due to the broken PvP formula. Hard fights don’t pay, neither in score nor in gold, the closer you get to the max possible team score. It’s a progression tax the community has been complaining about for years, it’s supposed to get addressed with the “upcoming” PvP rework (which has been in status “upcoming” for several years now, without making any visible progress).

Any step towards that direction probably wouldn’t end well. Marvel Puzzle Quest is notorious for that, after the first few battles you start losing points faster than you gain them. You receive several defeats from other players attacking you in the time it takes you to win a single battle. You need to buy “shields” that protect you a few hours from score loss to stand any chance at reaching more than the first few reward tiers.


Oh, I thought the intention last PVP update is to discourage players to do PVP.

The last 8-10 updates have discouraged players from playing Gems of War at all. Not just pvp.
(To be fair though the last update did encourage play for the first 24 hours, but then the devs couldn’t have that therefore it was nerf time. Still too many were playing a week later so they nerfed the biggest feature from the update entirely again.)

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That might be good for starters but you really think end gamers can be enticed with that? :thinking:
When I look at my recourses …
2M+ glory
20M+ souls …
You really think a few glory or whatever would make a difference???
The only thing I can think of to entice end gamers would be gems … perhaps

Even though I loathe PvP, adding writs to PvP battle rewards would get me to spend more time there. Maybe 1 writ per 2 trophy win and 2 writs per 3 trophy win to encourage players to attempt harder fights, rather than just spamming 1 trophy fights.


Writs in PVP? :heart_eyes:

The problem is that this would basically force you to grind PvP ad nauseam if you want to progress your kingdoms. A better and possibly more interesting way would be to limit the payout in some way. Like making the first 30 PvP battles you win each week grant writs, 1 for left option, 2 for middle option, 3 for right option. That would make you automatically gravitate towards the harder fights, without locking you in for the whole week.


Adding kingdom levelling items to pvp rewards would be a bad idea. Rebalancing the rank rewards wouldn’t hurt though.