one made


You’re very welcome Michel, all the very best in crimson sky.


If still recuriting invite me please Killacoastie2_ador


Hi Katie,

I think we may be full again, but I don’t think any of our Sentinels are at home to check on the outstanding invitations. We’ll check in with you again if we still have any spaces or if anything new opens up. I think at worst, we’d have a waiting list of 1 person ahead of you.


Katie is a a very active and sociable player. Good luck in getting in CS Katie. Regards, Daniel.


We are recruiting one.

Weekly minimums are 200k gold, 50 trophies and 500 seals. We are looking for steady, loyal players. When GW returns, participation will be optional.


We are an awesome guild! Just an FYI😎


Gorilla bump!


Are you still looking for a member? I will leave my current guild if so.


We are recruiting one active player. GW optional, 500 seals, 200k gold and 50 trophies weekly.


Hurry while the getting’s good (and other sayings along those lines)!


Still looking for one.


Sorry for stealing your guy now I got to go find you one. I did not approach him though he came to me. Bump it up for ya!!!


I know you’re not a poacher and you’ve sent us a few players over the last couple months. It’s all good!


I tried to get you, but you said "no"ha ha Ha


That is true lol i was not poached. I actually expressed intrest in nemesis before i joined CS and asked @Santandrix to let me know when a spot opens up… I am glad there are no hard feelings from anyone

And @Stan the appropriate response would have been “no problem santandrix we were gonna drop the bum asap anyway” lol


I didn’t want to call you out about your poaching attempts, but you went and did it to yourself!

For the record, and for anyone reading: I am just joking. My wife is in Nemesis and Santandrix is a friend, so I do get the occasional “are you sure you don’t want to come over?” message.


Well, you were just scraping by. I’m not sure how you’re going to make minimums over there…


Guess he’s going to have to steal even more time away from his mobile account! :stuck_out_tongue:


And he’s a beta tester too so not a heavy hitter yet, lol


Well in all fairness i am definitely heavy but its only because i hit the buffet too often😜