Would like to join more active guild[found]

I am looking for a more active guild. I am currently in a guild that I enjoy very much. But am thinking I would like to join a guild in which most members contribute to task and also participate in GW. This is what I’m looking for.

What I offer is. At minimum…

Level 380
8 kingdoms left to finish
150k gold
Max seals
150 trophies

These numbers are subject to go up and rarely go down. Some weeks I do much more.
Thank you.

Hi EmsDad.

Crimson Sky is currently rank 22 and we rest in bracket 2 of guild wars.

Our minimums are currently:

200k gold, 500 seals and 50 trophies. Many go above and beyond those reqs, but we understand that people have lives as well. We just recently raised our gold minimum since the 4x play speed update that just came to consoles makes getting gold much easier.

Guild wars is optional, with about 70% of the guild doing it every week. We ask that if you would like, try and play some guild wars, but again, it’s not required. Regardless, we still do quite well in it, and were actually in bracket 1 just a few weeks back for a week.

If these sound like something you can handle, please feel free to private message me. Thanks!


I fully endorse this move!


I would absolutely like to join you guys if the invite is still available.


Thanks Ems. I have reached out to you via PM.


Never received PM. Noticed you all had 29/30. I guess you are all deciding whom to let in. Thanks for the considering me though.

@Raphius @Stan just pinging you guys to get your attention

Hi EmsDad,

We had a few people recruiting and are just trying to make sure that we deal with requests in the order they were received. We’ll let you know what the situation is as soon as we can.

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Thank you! I figured this was the case. That cool. I like how you trying to keep it organized and fair.

I believe I’ve found something that looks interesting and ima give it a shot. So thank you @Stan @Vangor @Raphius.


Where ya going brudda? Just curious😎

Vendetta. Ranked 28. It looks like we are about 20k trophies behind you guys.


Nice! Good luck brudda!


Thank you!:grin:


Good luck to you.

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