one made


A friendly bump for a good guild in case you guys and gals are still recruiting :slightly_smiling_face:


Do you have anyone to trade?


Is @mld-81 sick of Guild Wars again already? :wink:


No, but someone else is.


I was never not sick of guild wars, unfortunately it is something that has to be done to stay in the guild. I’m controlling my anger towards what I consider is a broken format :laughing:


Unfortunately the people you would want from us we probably don’t want to give up :wink:


I may have just told him that privately…


No worries, I thought I would ask you as I respect your guild and leadership.


+1, I’d happily recommend anyone to CS if they are looking for a competitive and friendly guild, as long as we are not recruiting ourselves :slightly_smiling_face:


For the record, i would too


Hi we are David and Erich we looking for a good guild that’s fun and active our invite codes are TRINITY_LEQF NEO420_UCAU please and thank you!


Hi. I’ll respond by private message.


We unexpectedly have another opening.

Guild minimums are still 200,000 gold, 500 seals and 50 trophies per week. Guild wars is optional, but appreciated and we are generally pulling down bracket 2 rewards. Long-term, loyal players are desired and we have a friendly and helpful community.


We are still looking for one more player. Modest minimums and good rewards available every week.


And bumping again. Still looking for one player to fill out the ranks.


Can vouch that this is a great group of friendly people that get lots of great rewards! Guild Wars is completely optional. We do encourage you to give it a go, but no pressure on how you do, or if you can’t complete every battle in a week.

Let us know! One spot remaining!


Former member here! These are an awesome group of players! I strongly recommend them to anyone!


A friendly bump for a friendly guild :+1:


Still looking for one :slight_smile:


Recruiting ONE more,Must be compliant with the Requirements