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REMOVED.new one made



moved to ps4 recruitment

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I just edited and moved it as you posted, thank you anyway


Still have room for ONE more

Still Recruiting

Panapaul_cbu1 looking for a guild where all members play and contribute weekly. I will do max seals per week, reach lvl 1 in pvp and do at least min 100k gold contribution weekly usually more. Thanks for considering me

Be sure to leave your current guild, adding you now

Taking more applicants

Recruiting again as a few poor souls are about to meet the boot tomorrow

Looking for level 60 plus that need a place to fit in and will contribute the minimums

Two more spots open

Still Recruiting

Still room for 2 Rank 26 ready to overtake rank 25

Hey there, looking for a new guild and would love to join you as most left my old guild.


Thx and hope to be part of the guild soon

Adding you now, welcome to Crimson Sky

We gained a rank in the last 2 days and close to moving up again…room for THREE

Hi WishKiller,

So I just started playing Gems of War 2 days ago. Obviously, I don’t meet your requirements.

But… in 2 days I am already Level 34, PVP Tier 1 (Rank 8,831), I’ve contributed 11,000 to my current guild which I’d randomly joined, I already have my 1,500 weekly Guild Seals, and I have 124 trophies. Hoping you can see the potential here. I only have about 3,000 gold, and I’m still in the process of opening the various kingdoms (have opened 22 so far).

If you’re not interested, no worries and I’ll continue looking.

Check your PM

Recruiting ONE more

Panapaul_cbu1 at the moment i dont belong to a guild if u still have room thanks

you’re in…Welcome to Crimson Sky