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This thread was hijacked, Awaiting lock or close

We have room for FIVE new members level 60 minimum MUST contribute 15,000 Gold weekly and 30 Trophies “This is subject to be increased” we have a firm 2 week inactivity boot if you will be gone longer than that, Just notify Me or anyone else in Crimson Sky

I’m in this guild. I can attest it’s awesome. We have grown from mid 200’s rank to guild rank 26. We have members from rank 60 all the way up to 500, so we’re very diverse!

We had a great guild leader who randomly went MIA for about 3 months which slowed our growth (we were rank 23). Wishkiller has been a very active member of the guild and after going through the process of changing the guild leader was just finally able to take the reigns .

We’re really excited to again have an active leader and look forward to pushing even further up the ranks.

The guild is considered “casual-competitive”, as the recs are not terribly high, but many of the players go well above and beyond that. If you’re active, can at least hit the minimums every week (we understand that people are still trying to max kingdom levels, etc) and donate to the guild, then this is an awesome place to be!

Please contact Wishkiller or myself, or reply to this thread with your level and what you project you will be able to commit to the guild weekly so that we can consider and send an invite.

We’re currently looking to clean house on about 6 or so members that have been in / not participating since the previous guild leader went inactive.

FIVE Spots still open

THREE Spots Open

@SOLOMONBREAUX I just checked our old Recruitment post and seen you were wanting to join Crimson Sky We have openings

I Didn’t keep up with that post, it was created by our old leader and I couldn’t Recruit then

If you’re looking for a Guild , We’d be happy to have you

Hello i’m interested in joining idr my exact lvl lol but i think it’s 240+ and im pretty positive i can donate a decent amount of gil per week maybe 50k+ or more if you guys like i’m trying to find a decent guild that’s active :slight_smile:

Yea i wud Still love to join

Nevermind, Had someone drop out

Room for 1 or 2 more…slots filling up fast

There’s room for ONE more

check your mail

Hi. I m 44 french Guy and i m looking for a New guild. I m playing every day lvl 398. If ur not full it Will be a great pleasure to play with u.
200k mini/Week and more 150tph
Thx and sorry for my bad english

Adding you now, make sure you have left any current guilds

I need your invite code not your user name, I tried adding that name and said user does not exist


@Mordcervelle Invite Sent, Welcome to Crimson Sky!

Thx very much

I made a bad manipulation and I left the guild without the intention! Sorry. Can un send invit Again?

soon as I log back on

Hi, sorry but I got this and don’t want you guys thinking I’m stealing your members…
Hi i m looking for New guild. Lvl 404 play every day. Lot of money to spend and Win lot of trophies. I m french Guy and if u ve room u know what to do.

I stumbled across your thread so sorry for any confusion, I had no idea. Hope you got him back.