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LF new active guild to join

Looking for a guild a little more active than my current one. Current rank of guild is just outside top 100 with around 1/3 of the members fairly active. A friendly community would be nice too, discussing new strategies and decks etc. In fact, any communication at all is a huge step forward.

I am lvl 233 with all kingdoms max lvl and enough gold to instantly max new kingdoms. Gold contributions will be equally shared between chests and guild. As far as trophies go, i average 100+ a week, but sometimes i just like to play some other games too. Soooo to be safe 50+ a week i can guarantee.

All in all I prefer enjoying the game over the requirement of grinding trophies to reach each week.

If you’re interested, Crimson Sky has a space. We’re currently ranked #105. If this sounds good, let me know your invite code

New guild found. Thx all!