Looking for a "new" Guild

I am almost level 30 and VERY active…I am looking for a Guild that can help out new players more than the ones I have tried so far…so far they have all been idle…I’d like to join a guild rank 200 or higher if possible…I contribute a fair amount of what I make

depending on how active very active is two of the top 10 guilds have availabilities.

#6 - Misguided Misfits recruiting #2 guild - #46 by DemonicDraco

#3 - PS4 Guild ,,Santa´s big Gifts,, Rank 1 recruite - #8 by Claussanta86
Also is showing an availability, however it looks like they have a level requirement instead of just a trophy requirement.
@Claussanta86 ?

currently full but as you can tell from the thread there is are openings pretty often @WishKiller if you’d like I could inform you if we have an opening.

also we’re #5 now.

That would be great…though keep in mind I am new and I don’t make a TON of trophies…but I do earn some…thank you

way too low sry 75% are Level 200+ smallest is 130~ . not less than 150 better 200+ .

If you’re an active player willing to contribute with monetary contributions and trophies, then my guild (Crimson Sky) will take you. We’re currently ranked around 117ish on the board. If you’re interested let me know your invite code

that sounds great,thank you…at the moment I can’t contribute a LOT…but I can contribute some…I don’t make a lot of gold yet…as I have only completed 3 kingdoms and unlocked 50% so far…but I have no problem with any contributions

As long as I can see that you’re an active member who’s contributing what they can, that’s what’s important to me. If you tell me your invite code, I’ll send you an invitation.

Oh Thank you,My code is WISHKILLER_4VMX

I’ll be back online in about 3 hours

Welcome to Crimson Sky!