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Crimson Sky (currently ranked 77) Recruiting

Hello fellow Gems of War players,
I am the GM of Crimson Sky (currently ranked 77nd and constantly rising) and I just wanted to let everyone know that our guild is currently recruiting. Player levels of any type accepted, as long as you are willing to help make our guild even better. We are looking for active members interested in contributing with both trophy and guild monetary contributions. A kick ass sense of humour is also greatly appreciated :). If interested in helping us soar to the top, let me know your invite code and welcome to the guild!

Lvl63 usually get rank 1 in pvp HAGGI_RAJR

The letter before the last in my above code is a J looks like an I to me

Hi meladdi!
It’s showing that you belong to another guild at the moment.You will need to leave your current guild before I can welcome you into Crimson Sky.

Is it okay to leave it until tomorrow after the pvp has ended as i dont believe your position carries over i will definately join your guild

No worries, I’ll leave a spot for you. Welcome to Crimson Sky :slight_smile:

I can join anytime now

Invite code sent, let me know if there are any issues joining. Welcome to the guild.

I just left my Guild that was ranked in the 120s but very few active players so we were falling like a lead balloon. Looking for anther active guild. I’m level 65 and can contribute trophies and gold.

PSN = Everly1973
Invite code = Everly

Hi Everly!
Sounds like you would be a wonderful addition to our guild. Invitation sent. Welcome to Crimson Sky :slight_smile:

Fantastic, I’ll enter the guild when I get home. Have you created a Community for the guild members?

That sounds great Everly, it’s good to have another addition to the team! We do not have a current community for our guild members. I think it’s a great idea (thank you!) but I’m not seeing anything on the website about the subject, nor anything about it in the actual game. Since you obviously have some experience with this, could you please educate me about the process and it will be done.

It wouldn’t be on this website. We would create a closed community on the PS Network and have all of the members join. I can set it up but I won’t have time until tomorrow evening. Once I join the guild I will be able to see all the other members (not sure if it shows their PSN names though) and invite them to join the community.

Thanks for the explanation, as you can tell I have no experience in that area :slight_smile: If you don’t mind setting it up tomorrow evening , please do as it would be greatly appreciated!

Looking for new members to join our guild. If interested let me know your invite code and welcome to Crimson Sky!

Would love to be part of an active Guild! Please add!

Looking forward to playing!

Invitation has been sent. Welcome to Crimson Sky :slight_smile:

I would love to join your guild I am an active player who recently started and I am a level 20ish right now and would like to be apart of a guild to help grow and prosper send me an invite MERLIN_RKAF

Wonderful, we’d be glad to have you! An invitation has been sent. Welcome to Crimson Sky :slight_smile: