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Searching for a more active guild

So I was with a guild for awhile and it was great and all, but they kinda died off when it came to activity and so did I along with them.

However I didn’t really want to quit, and I’m pumped for the new changes, but it’s hard to do anything about anything without a guild’s support.

I almost have all my kingdoms at 10, I think I’m only 2 or 3 away, so it shouldn’t be long before I can do a lot of donations. I’m cool with PvP, but I kinda get wrecked in Guild Wars because I don;t have maxed out cards…but I’ll try my best! Level 125 btw.


Try @NekrosLucem @stan or @Madhermit

They are good guilds for ps4 but i dont know if they have open spots

Good luck


I’m with Crimson Sky and we’d be a pretty good fit for you, but are currently full and have 1 person on the waiting list to get in.
Keep an eye on the recruiting threads - someone will have openings soon, I’m sure.

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Just some advice, as I went through this situation a few months ago.

Active guilds will all have some form of weekly minimums for Gold, Seals, Trophies, and Guild Wars. Be honest about what you can reliably contribute and include that in your post. Then hold out for a guild that has minimums as close to possible to what you can do.

It’s no fun being in a guild that you struggle to make the minimums every week, It makes the game a chore.
On the flip side if you are putting a lot more in than the average guild member you will find yourself looking for another guild that everyone is contributing equally.

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We have one spot open . I’ve sent you a private message.