Looking for a good guild (PS4)


I’m Oddler.
I am currently lvl190 (growing fast - playing for 3 weeks only).
400-800 trophies per week, 1500 seals.
~70k gold per week (soon will be more)

Looking for aa active guild with 20k+ seals per week (better 40k of course).
Please write, if you are interested. I will send my invitation code.

Seriously, you’re recommending a new player to buy gold with his gems? You should never do that. Never.
I’m sorry we don’t have room for you, try to find a guild that doesn’t mind you holding back some of your gold to level kingdoms. If you’re active as you say you’re going to be, you’ll probably be able to hit 500k a week. You could still donate 250k to a guild and the rest on upgrading your kingdoms. You’re pretty new so your troop and trait count will be pretty low, so guild wars might be be tricky in a high level guild but you need to get one that will help you grow and develop your gow knowledge and understanding.
Good luck with your gow journey and stay in touch.


For now I don’t have enough gold to contribute 250k. And I still have problems with good leveled and full ascended and traited pvp team (at least single one). I need 2-3 more weeks for that.

Anyway I already found the guild that will be my home for the future )
Thanks everyone !

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I’d you can commit to 100k gold a week we may have a spot for you in crimson sky. 23rd ranked guild currently, were okay with newer players doing lower donations (100k) in hopes they stick around after they’ve leveled their kingdoms.

We’re in bracket 2 of guild wars and ask that you attempt to play of you can but it’s not mandatory. Otherwise 500 seals a week and 50 trophies. So you’re only slightly short on gold contribution at the moment.

We’re a great, active, and very friendly group though. Let me know if you’re interested and can make the mins.


Ah, didn’t see your last post before I posted lol. Disregard and best of luck!


If you are looking for a guild still Corpsegrinders is flexible and we are searching for people who will help bring our seal levels up. So even if you need a hardworking guild to stay at for now, then leave later for something else, we would love to help you grow as we are too.

PS4: InfernoOfLilith
Guild: Corpsegrinders

Message me, the leader, if you would be interested in seeing what all we are and what all you want and if there is a possibility we can help each other in the meantime.

Best of luck, stranger danger. Tootles!

This post is from June 2017.

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Is your guild still active ?:slight_smile:

Our guild still is, what’s your current level buddy?

Lord Oddler17,

If the response was to me, yes we actually are having 2 slots opening up.

We have no requirements, however, in order to keep your slot: a notice needs to be made to me or the guild chat in regards to an absence in game for more then 6 days.

My PS4 name is InfernoOfLilith so please message me anytime. :slight_smile:

Thank you kindly,

P.S. we are League Rank 103 for having no requirements.