one made


I’m about to make a kick if I find a decent guy you want them? I’ll link you up. Add me on ps4, santandrix


Sure, sounds good. though are they loyal? had a lot stay a week and quit lately


Bummer, did they move up or down?


Time for a monday bump. We are recruiting for at least one position, with a possibility for more.

Weekly minimums are a modest 200,000 gold, 500 seals and 50 trophies. Level 100+ preferred. We normally complete between 2 and 4 guild statues per week, so rewards are quite good given the minimal requirements. Guild Wars is optional, but participation is appreciated. We also have a PSN community where we can share team ideas and have some fun.

Please post here or PM me, @Raphius or @Wishkiller if you are interested. Thanks!


Gorilla bump


It’s funny because the boards seem to ebb and flow with guild interest. Sometimes we’ll go weeks and it seems like it takes forever to fill a spot. Then one week we’ll have 3 spots open and mysteriously 8 people want to join the guild all at the same time and we have to turn them away. Rinse and repeat.

Currently, we’re ebbing. lol


Hi! My husband looking for new guild. He is lvl 1049 . Requirements are ok. He is in RDVG com. guild for now. Invite code is RAGER_1 . He can leave his guild if you want him as a member.


@Stan heads up brudda


Hi, that sounds good and we have room for one right now. Please PM me when he is out of his guild and I can get someone to send an invitation. Thanks!


He is out !!


I will say CS is a great group! They helped me immensely and @stan is an awesome dude!


Very very interested and very active! I’ll leave my current guild right now, just let me know


Katie was in quimby, I can vouch for her. Donation station lol… She was also starting to improve her guild wars scores and has finished all the kingdoms.


@Stan another heads up brudda!


Hi Katie, I’ll send you a PM shortly.


you’re in…Send Me your invite code and leave any current guild…Also send me a message through PSN I am wishkiller, I may read that first


Here, I still have it…


I just sent you a message. Sorry I just sorry your message on here. I left current guild so I can accept whenever now


Thanks Katie! Someone from Crimson will send you an invite once one of us are near our consoles :slight_smile:


We’re recruiting again SERIOUS applicants only…In Need of Great players to help Us grow and you reap the rewards!