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Haven’t posted the minimums in a while, so:

Weekly minimums are a modest 200,000 gold, 500 seals and 50 trophies. Level 100+ preferred. We normally complete between 2 and 4 guild statues per week, so rewards are quite good given the minimal requirements. Guild Wars is optional, but participation is appreciated. We also have a PSN community where we can share team ideas and have some fun.

PM @Wishkiller, me or @Raphius if interested. Room for 2 at the moment.

Edit: room for 1 more now.


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Have you looked at Wish’s avatar? It’s a guild emblem that he made.


I thought it was a car manufacturer emblem


No i never looked closely at it til now… Would you rather a meme made from that? Or just a pic for bumps?


Pic for bumps is a good idea! (I mean, not every time, but once in a while).

A full-size version is over here:


Heh i downloaded it already…18924_1


Is that a diesel or petrol model?


That’s a joke… Just in case. I mean I’m making a joke about the car reference, I’m not saying the logo is a joke… Oh no! It’s happening again!! Anyone got a bigger shovel to help me dig this hole? :joy::joy::joy::grin::grin:


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Hi Vanget sent us your way. My wife (lvl 291) and I (lvl 844) are looking to join an active guild. We play daily, love the guild wars. Both of us have our cities upgraded all the way so we both can contribute most of our gold to tasks, easily 600k+/week.


I’ll respond by PM.