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Very interested in joining as well. Was active, can be again. Currently have 1.6M gold and ability to participate daily. Countemagain created our guild, but it hasn’t taken off the way we hoped. He referred me to this guild as he recently joined.

Psnid: bmj14772


Yo @Stan, where are you at? Or @WishKiller, do you have a spot?


@Stan @WishKiller


Hi UncleBJo,
You’re #1 on our waiting list at the moment. Didn’t know you had a forum account otherwise I would have sent you a message. We’ll be in touch as soon as something opens up. Hopefully won’t be long!


Crimson Sky is recruiting one long-term player. Minimum level 100 with weekly minimums of 200,000 gold, 500 seals and 50 trophies.


Still recruiting


Bumping, still recruiting!


Hey guys,
I am lvl 239 and would like to join your guild.
The target 200k gold, 500 souls and 50 trophies is the normal way i play a week.
Please send me an invitation if you like.
I left my guild yesterday.
The last statistic was about 6mio donated gold, 15k souls and about 4k trophies for my time there.


I’ll send you an invite :wink:


Hi Renacht,
thanks for inviting me.
I received the ingame mail and clicked on “Accept invitation” or something like that.
After this it opend a list of some guilds to join (like the normal guild search) but crimson sky wasnt in the list.
Can you send me the invation again oder is there any workaround for this specific problem?
First invitation for me, sorry.


I think I had a similar problem once, but was able to get around it by going back to the guild search page. When I did, the inviting guild (Crimson Sky) was in the list of available guilds for me.


Thanks for your help Stan.
I tried so at least 20 times, but there was no listing of Crimson Sky.
I wait for the second invatation and hope it wit work next time. :slight_smile:


Next one of us that is on will get the invite out to you again. I won’t be home for a few hours yet.

Can you PM me your invite code?


Sent it again, hope it works :slight_smile:


Worked, thanks! :slight_smile:


We have room for one again. Weekly minimums are a modest 200k gold, 500 seals and 50 trophies. We generally complete about 4 guild statues and get over 20 k seals. Guild Wars is optional but appreciated. We have a PSN community to chat and share important information.

Please PM me or @WishKiller if you are interested.


Still looking for one faithful player.


I’m sending a guy your way Monday, plz hold.


Hi. Im interested if there is still an open spot. Im level 1040.
I usually make 100 trophies, 300k Gold and 1000 seals every week.



We just had our reset. There may be a position open. Please stand by and we’ll let you know if you haven’t already found somewhere else.