one made


Send raphius,stan or Myself your invite code and we’ll add you.


Looking for THREE loyal Members to our guild…the higher rank the better, though we can work with you IF you can reach the reqs.


Still Recruiting


Bumping again




Either looks like the new UI is steering people away or we’re the target of trash talking and poaching again,
We Still have room for 4 faithful players


Still Recruiting


I pmd you on ps4 with 2 ppl, get on and get them in. Thx


Just did, awaiting their reply


Do you still have spaces?




I believe we do. I’ve seen your other posts and will PM you.


4 spots but wish is hard to get a hold of, he misses all of mine.


Still looking for one player.

Weekly minimums are 200,000 gold, 500 seals and 50 trophies. Guild wars optional but appreciated.


Needing one more loyal player


If you’re still looking for someone I’m available. Will get 1500 seals a week, and the 200k+ gold is definitely doable. Loyalty won’t be an issue since I’ve been looking for an active guild for a while and will love one where everyone contributes.

Level 167
Invite code: BHEKIFAZ_P6KN


That sounds great. We’ll get an invitation out to you today. I’ll PM you with a few more details.


We are now recruiting for one player. Weekly minimums are 200,000 gold, 50 trophies and 500 seals. Guild Wars are optional, but appreciated and we are in Bracket 3.

Please PM me or @Wishkiller if interested.


BUMPING This…Still recruiting


And we’re full again.


We will be having a (long-time) member leaving this Sunday, and will have an opening starting Monday of this next week if anyone is interested in joining a great, active guild!