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Three spots open. Please post here or PM if interested.


Still have some space for new members. Guild minimums are now confirmed at 200k gold per week, but still only 500 seals and 50 trophies.


Friendly bump up​:ok_hand::call_me_hand::+1:


Also, while not 100% confirmed there’s a good chance that we’ll be doing “seal push” events on Mythic Release weeks to get to 40k seals, which will allow players to save their seals for those “push weeks” and raise their chances of pulling a mythic with guild chests.

…for those interested


They do drop from seals guys and i wish you all the best on your Seal Push week. I used 4000 seals and got a second stonehammer.

Plague & Elemaugrim I both got on PC from seals. Good luck crimson and here is a bump.


You still have space?


We do! Can you PM me with your weekly averages and invite code?


How do i find my weekly averages


If you’re in a guild, you can get a sense from looking at the guild roster (especially if you know how long you’ve been there). I just need to make sure that you’re far enough along that meeting the weekly requirements won’t be a problem for you. What level are you and how much do you play every week?


Im 101 i think and i have dragon armor and like 15 kingdoms unlocked. The guild im in i just got in but they dont seem very active. So as far as my rankings in the guild ive been in it like 3 days


I think our requirements might be a bit high for you right now. You’d need to donate at least 200,000 gold per week. If you play a lot, that might be OK, but you need to invest a lot in your kingdoms right now.


Recruiting Three . we need Serious and LOYAL players, Requirements are 200,000 gold 500 seals and 50 trophies per week.


I have a perfect player for you. Possibly two. Maybe three.


Awaiting others that have showed interested…I will keep in touch


I free player:

My level is 562
All 10 level kingdoms
Minimum requirements are easily met

invite code: SHOOROOP


Look after Marc for me guys, he needs tlc after the last few weeks getting vjm raped in gw.


Three ex quimbies sent your way. All good folks, just not in a position to fight for bracket 1. All understanding and appreciative and didn’t complain when I had to kick them. Good luck.


Thanks Dan! Hopefully they’ll find a happy home in Crimson!

Not sure we can fit everyone at this very moment (not on my PS4 to check), but we DID just raise minimum gold reqs, so theres a high possibility that we’ll have an opening or two coming up shortly here.


Hi SHooRooP. We’re just looking into whether we have any openings left (we’ve been recruiting on a couple different fronts). I see you’ve been checking with other recruitment threads as well, so you may have already found a new guild.

If you’re still available and interested, can you send me a PM and we’ll take it from there? Thanks.


Thanks Dan for having me at quimby! I learned a lot and had a great time. Hope to still see you online and would love to help on building Crimson Sky. Raphius, i have send you a pm.