one made


We’re now ranked 21 and have 1 spot open


Still recruiting


We now have two open spots. The guild is very active, with good rewards, yet minimal requirements. We participate in Guild Wars, but HOW you participate is up to you. We’ve been near the top of bracket 2 since day 1, which gives a nice bonus of gems, gold and GW troops, while still seeing a nice variety of opponents (unlike in Bracket 1 where every day is a grim death march).

Our Guild Leader is on approved leave for a little while, so if you are interested in joining, please post here or PM me or @renacht and we will help you out.


We still have 2 open spots


I used my “regular” superpowers to edit the title and it now reflects the fact that we are, indeed, open for recruiting.

Also, current weekly requirements are 100,000 gold, 50 trophies and 500 seals. No minimum participation in GW required, but it is appreciated. We complete an average of 2 guild statues per week, and completed 3 last week, so rewards of membership are very good given the low requirements.


Great guild to join! Casual but competitive, bracket 2 in guild wars. Minimum reqs are low for those having off/busy weeks but most give well above them on average. Guild wars not required, but encouraged to try.


I think you mean “Bracket 2” in GW…


Hah, you are correct!


Send a PM instead :slight_smile:


We are looking for one more. Please PM me, @Renacht or @Raphius if you are interested. Weekly minimums are 100K gold, 500 seals and 50 trophies. Guild Wars optional but participation appreciated.


Hey Stan,
Looking to join Crimson Sky, my previous guild is not as active as I would like.

I am level 587 (currently) and have risen 400 levels in a month (so very active)
I can contribute max seals (1500) each week and roughly 300k gold. No problem for me to do guild wars, competed in bracket 4 with no less than 4/1 some weeks all 5/0.

My invite code is BEEFSTEAK_MD7G
I am currently still in my guild so just PM me if you are interested in recruiting me.



Responding by PM.


Recruiting is open for one active player. Weekly minimums are 100k gold, 50 trophies and 500 seals. GW optional but participation is appreciated.


Still looking for one more


We were briefly full and are now looking for one more.


We’re full again :slight_smile:


That’s awesome, good luck this week


We’ll need it! lol. We do surprisingly well for a “guild wars optional” guild :slight_smile:


Can do minimums


Recruiting is open. Current minimums are 100k gold, 50 trophies and 500 seals. GW is optional but appreciated.

Minimums may be subject to increase in the near future.