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Thanx for the bump!


Hi ! I’m interested to join your guild ! I’m LVL 497 a the moment.
My contributions are 1000 -1200 seals and around 400k gold per week.
My invite code is VODKANIBAL.
Bye :wink:


Room for ONE more


You’re in, Make sure to leave your current guild and Welcome to Crimson Sky


Still recruiting


Thank you for invite, I’ll do my best !


Hi, I’m currently level 187, I play daily, but I don’t always play a lot everyday. I’m looking for an active but low stress guild. I’m still working on my kingdoms, but I will provide most of my coins to the guild everyday/week.

My invite code is ELT_1Q2W



I will add you shortly, be sure you leave any current guilds you may be in


Yep, already left and thank you.


I am up for grabs. Level 201



you’re in, please leave what ever guild you may be in and I’ll add you tomorrow"friday"



This sounds exactly like the kind of guild I’m looking for. I’d be happy to leave my current one for you guys, as we are barely ever exceeding 10k seals and it’s just not as much fun if only 3 or 4 people are contributing consistently.

I’m only at level 130, but play pretty much every day and would contribute at least 1200 seals + 200k gold + 120 trophies each week.


I’ll see if anyone don’t make requirements tonight, if someone misses you get their slot, if not you’re first on the list for the next opening


Great! I’ll give you the invite code as soon as I hear from you again


I’m looking:

Level 155

Able to contribute max seals per week as well as 100k+ gold depending how busy my week is. 100+ trophies as well

Currently in a guild so I would need to know when to leave.

Invite code: Extortionism_nyob


Closed for now, now I have 3 people in line for our next recruitment


@Elt @Extortionism @m3rkava I have 2 spots open…awaiting your reply


Still interested.


(Already left my old guild)


Also still interested.


Also left my old guild.


you’re both added, welcome to crimson sky