one made


Just had to clear out some non contributors…TWO SPOTS open Now!


Il join, send me a psn message when your able to invite so i can leave my guild

Psn Xdarkknightx09
Invite code: Xdarkknightx09_NEJ5

Level 146
150k gold
100 trophy
1500 seals


@WishKiller Me too please… PSN: CRELSTER


anyone wanting in needs to LEAVE their current guild, I tried to add you both and you’re still in the old guild @Crelster I already asked you to leave so you can join us

@Xdarkknightx09 you need to leave as well

And a future note…failure to leave a guild may leave you at the BOTTOM of the list when others want to join that have already left their guild


I just left, invite me



I’m leaving now. Thanks


@WishKiller please let me know when you sent the invite so i can log in and accept. Thanks


Give me a few minutes



@WishKiller btw its going to be 12am here and i need to go to bed. So i would appreciate it if you can send that invite soon. Thanks


One spot open…Come and get it


Still looking for two active players


Still Recruiting room for 2


Still room for 2


Good luck I’ll bump u guys up!


Hello! I’m looking for a new Guild, especially in light of upcoming Guild Wars.
Weekly contribution:
Level 274 active player
Seals: 1000 and up
Gold: 100000 and up
Above are basic, can and will contribute more for the benefit of the Guild.
Invite code: SPUD_8

Hope you will consider a humble Potato! Thank you


Hi spud. We should be able to accommodate. We are in the middle of talks of upping our gold req currently (to 100k) but it sounds like you should be able to hit that. And same as you said, were casual competitive, we understand people have jobs, families, lives, so we keep the reqs relatively low and hope that on weeks when people can they contribute more, but if they can’t then just play enough for the reqs.

@WishKiller or myself will send you an invite when one of us can get to our console. If you could please leave your current guild and send us your invite code.


Thank you very much for consideration, Raphius. I have joined a Guild since
I have messaged you. Apologies for any inconvenience and good luck finding
a worthy Guild member!


ONE slot still open


Room for ONE more