PC/Steam: New Version (mini update) 2.0.106

Hi PC/Steam folks,

We’ve just pushed out a mini update to 2.0.1. It fixes the following issues:

  • Fixed a bunch of trait & spell-related issues (impervious issues, frozen issues including Mab’s 3rd trait, locust swarm not targeting life)
  • Fixed some bugs in explore mode (overwriting challenges & weird troops appearing)
  • Facebook notification icon
  • We’ll make sure everybody is amply compensated for today’s rather rocky start to 2.0.1… we’ll be announcing what that is shortly!

In the mean time, if you’re on PC/Steam, you might to exit the game & get the update.


Nice! :relieved:

Thanks, Devs!

I’ve enjoyed the update so far. Now farming for Arcane’s feels more like a simple grind and less like an endless pipedream.

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oo it got sped up?thought you guys said might be a week :smiley:

Early next week (hopefully) for iOS.
No reason to delay the PC and Android versions though… we got those through QA today as quickly as possible!

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Will iOS and Android be at the same time? Or will they just get pushed as soon as their respective stores approve them?

Ignore me. That’ll teach me to respond to a thread without reading all the Official News topics first.

New kingdom next week? :wink:


This is as good a place to ask as any, but is the traitstone droprate in explore affected by difficulty level?

edit: also, a small suggestion, it would be cool if after a match in exploration it wouldn’t take you all the way back to the map, but instead back to the “to battle” screen or something.

No - traitstone droprate was once affected by difficulty (pre 1.0.9 I think, where it was 70% + 5% per difficulty level), but we bumped it up to 100% on all difficulty levels a while back.

The quality of the traitstone has never been affected by difficulty.