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Android: New Version (mini update) 2.0.106

Hi Android folks,

We’ve just pushed out a mini update to 2.0.1. It fixes the following issues:

  • Fixed a crash on startup on some devices (caused by our Analytics provider :frowning: )
  • Fixed a bunch of trait & spell-related issues (impervious issues, frozen issues including Mab’s 3rd trait, locust swarm not targeting life)
  • Fixed some bugs in explore mode (overwriting challenges & weird troops appearing)
  • Facebook notification icon

We’ll make sure everybody is amply compensated for today’s rather rocky start to 2.0.1… we’ll be announcing what that is shortly!

In the mean time, if you’re on Android, grab the new update asap!


Cool. So this will be coming to PC shortly, I assume?

Yes - PC will be out in a few hours I hope
But iOS will have to wait a few days
The crash on startup was specific to a few Android devices only, and wasn’t happening on PC/iOS, that’s why we prioritized the Android version today.

Alright. Tyvm. I’ve still been using Mab in PvP and haven’t lost a match yet. It’s amazing how strong she really was. Perhaps the third trait should be changed to “Freeze a random ally on 4+ match” to level the playing field.

Bad idea. :angry:

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Why on earth would anyone unlock that kind of trait?

Sorry. Poe’s law applies here. I was joking.

We have the steam update out now too (see the other thread)

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So how do we update this? I go to the Google Store and all it says is to start the app which I can, but Mab still won’t freeze while mana burning everyone.

We uploaded to the store and published it, but a few players are not seeing the update… we need our publisher to get to work on Monday to sort it out