UPDATE: 2.0.010 for iOS and Android - available now


Hello Everyone!

This morning we released a small update for Gems of War on iOS & Android (Steam folks - you already got your update earlier this week). We recommend that everybody should get this update, though it’s not mandatory on mobile, there’s really no downside to getting it!

This fixes a few client issues in 2.0 from last week. Fixes are shown below:

• Solved issue with PvP team always defaulting back to the Defense team
• Fixed issues with incorrect stats showing in PvP
• Resolved issue with occassional crash on PvP screen
• Fixed issue with AI casting Soothsayer to lock up the game
• Fixed issue with troops getting into a state where they cannot die
• Fixed issues relating to The Great Maw’s Devour trait
• Fixed issues relating to spells that do splash and scatter damage
• Resolved issue with game sometimes not proceeding past initial loading screen
• Fixed some issues with scrolling in chat

2.0.01 update on iOS? What is it?

Glory glory hallelujah! Very curious to see how much the Devour fix impacts Maw, though I’m pretty confident the answer will be “not enough”.


Does this mean that great maw will not have a higher change to devour on full board of skulls?

Moible defend teams fixed

I think it means Maw will no longer devour multiple troops on a single skull spam


That bug made him way too powerful anyway but about those re-rolls as multiple separate skull matches count as another attack counting making devour trait do a re-roll.


I think rerolls are the same, the game should consider each seprate matches (or cascade after a match) to have its own chance to trigger, It may be a bit over powered but is working properly in that context, other wise if you cascade multiple 4+ matches or to them one after another traits like big and huge would only trigger once to be symmetrical


I do not have a problem with cascades do re-rolls of the trait, i have problems with an ai or someone casting shegra or bone dragon and getting a guaranteed devour off.


Ahhhhh, I misunderstood I’m sorry yea the mechanics behind that are a little skewed, maybe if it could only check to trigger once each bored state (so if there were were 8 matches at once there would only be a 15% chance to devour not a 15% chance with 8 different trigger checks)


Ok is it just me or has the game felt a little more laggy? I seem to get intermittent hiccups and stutters. Nothing major (and still smoother than trying to fight an opponent whose history you pulled up) but still not as smooth as before?

If it is just me, I’ll try a few things with the phone tomorrow.


Thanks @Sirrian, for the update. Also the number of trophies per match now seems to be correct. I didn’t see that in your release notes. :slight_smile:


I noticed this too.


Yeah after the update my game now stutters.


Try entering and then leaving chat (via the “Leave” button). Chat has always been a major drain on my battery and performance (even when in a match), so I leave it turned off on iOS.


Yep, just a little bit. Definitely enough notice.


Interesting. I was logged into chat - I know I was disconnected prior so at some point it logged me in without notifying me. I will see if that fixes that lag.


Seems to have fixed it.


Good to hear!

@Sirrian, just so you know, chat on iOS could use some performance investigation.


Android too as it went away after I turned it off.

Weird though because first time I was plugged in so it wasn’t a battery drain yet it was there.

And yes this only started after updating to this version. It was fine before even with chat on.


Still only defense wins popping up on my tablet. Stats show 0 losses.


Are you sure you have any losses?

Only problem I ever saw was that I was showing losses on my Stats when the splash screen and Battle Log showed them as wins. I haven’t lost a defend in quite some time.